Livonia #312 – Chicagoland

On Saturday October 6th we held our 312th Livonia parkrun of the last six and a half years.  It was a somewhat rainy day, with some small lake-sized puddles to run through, and it was our first 9 a.m. start of the fall. We welcomed 53 parkrunners, and 18 volunteers.

Why are we giving a shout out to the Windy City you might ask? The title of this run report, “Chicagoland”, has a double significance this week. First of all, with Chicago’s area code being 312, and it being our 312th parkrun, there is that connection. That is a good way to remind everyone that this Saturday will be our 313th parkrun, and we are celebrating all things Detroit. Detroit’s area code is 313, and we are asking everyone to come dressed in their finest “D” clothing to help represent.

Another significance of the Chicagoland title is that this past weekend was the Chicago marathon. parkrunners from around the world flocked to run the Chicago marathon, which was on a Sunday. What do you think these parkrunners did on the day before the marathon? That’s right, they ran Heritage Harbor parkrun which is about 90 minutes from downtown Chicago. This 66th running of Heritage Harbor parkrun saw their 2nd highest ever attendance, and they set the parkrun USA all-time record for most parkruns per parkrunner, meaning lots of milestone t-shirts earners were in attendance, in fact seven 250’s, thirteen 100’s, and ten 50’s.

Let’s get back to Livonia now shall we? We enjoyed the pleasure of meeting the following people for their 1st time ever at any parkrun. A big hello to Oscar Alvarado, Mark and Kristen Waterbury, Michael Lafave, Matt Carney, and Ronnie Maynor. Plus Dave Bilson who has not registered, and who we hope has our #20 token, which is missing, and Dave came in 20th place…hmmm

Time to thank the volunteers. As AC/DC once said, “For those about to Volunteer, we salute you!” Salutations to Sam BAILO, Guy BARDSLEY, Thomas BARYLSKI, Lynn BOVEN, Stephen BRAVERMAN, Michael CAMILLERI, Karen CLARK-WATSON, Tim GALLAGHER, Spencer GREVE, Jonathan HYDE, Bruce HYDE, Tim KEER, Patrick STARR, Krista TANNER, Yuma TSUBOUCHI, Graham John WATSON, Jessica WATSON, and Lewis WATSON

If you notice four Watsons on that volunteer list it is because we had the honor and pleasure of hosting the Watson family from Strathclyde parkrun in Scotland, who were in town for a wedding. Graham Watson was amused by the Amercian custom of holding a rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. Graham proclaimed, “Rehearsal dinner? I don’t need to reherse, I’ve been eating dinners my whole life!”.

parkrun 2018-10-06-04

We were running short on volunteers this Saturday, October 13th for our Detroit Day run. But a late Friday plea email did generate sufficient volunteers to cover the basic roles. Thank you for that! In future weeks feel free to volunteer earlier in the week to make the Volunteer Coordinator’s life a lot less stressful. If you can help October 20th or beyond, please send an email to   Volunteering is fun, easy, and a great way to give back, and be more connected to our parkrun community.

For the first time in a month, we did not have any official milestone T-shirts earned. Shout outs none the less to those with round number parkruns such as our esteemed Lynn Boven, who with his 245th parkrun, is only 5 short parkruns away from the first ever parkrun USA 250 shirt. Other shout outs as well for namesake pairs Steve Dancy who ran his 130th parkrun, and Steve Boyak who did his 75th along with Scott Maxwell and Scott Howse who both ran their 30th parkruns. Here is Coach Steve Boyak coming out of the woods.

parkrun 2018-10-06-15

Speaking of Scott Howse, it is time to congratulate our first finishers. Scott returned to the first finisher position for the first time since May of 2016, and it was his 3rd time overall. Scott added to the total Howse brother numbers now standing at 31 between Timothy, Shaun, and Scott. In 2nd was boy wonder Patrick Starr, and in 3rd was another kind of boy, Brad BOYer. Sometimes ex-pat Tim Evans who finished 4th was our high age grade of the week at 67% of world record pace. Here is Tim with the double thumbs up.

parkrun 2018-10-06-17

For the ladies, Century club runner Allison Roth finished first for the 4th time. Veteran Charlotte Burke, who brought her daughter Michelle to parkrun was 2nd, and tomorrow’s token hander outer, Sachiko Tsubouchi came in 3rd. In other parkrun news parkrunner Michael Camilleri hosted the World Mental Health Day Still I Ran 5K fun run on our same parkrun course last Wednesday. It was a very nice, well attended event. Here is our start line photo. See Livonia parkrun’s Facebook page for additional Still I Ran pictures.

parkrun 2018-10-10-02

More huge news in Ann Arbor! While Stephanie Evans is doing her first ever, full length Ironman Triathlon this weekend (140 miles), her Lillie parkrun, Ann Arbor website went live. Ann Arbor is now an official dot on the parkrun USA events map. In fact, the Ann Arbor dot nearly blots out the Livonia dot. It’s all good, as we love having a sister parkrun so close by. The official launch date is November 3rd for the Lillie Park parkrun, Ann Arbor. We are all so proud of, and excited for, Stephanie. Meanwhile they are still continuing the practice parkruns which are now also at 9 a.m. Saturdays at Lille Park in Ann Arbor. Last week our own Kathy Hall paid a visit and checked out the Lillie parkrun. Here is Stephanie getting psyched for her Full Ironman debut.

parkrun 2018-10-06-18

Remember tomorrow is Detroit Day, the 20th is Pi Day, and the 27th is Costume Day. Jen and Karen will be dressed up for sure. :)

parkrun 2018-10-06-16

As usual, we had a great turnout after parkrun at Biggby coffee. Please join us there anytime. As we close out this LONG run report, we join Shaun Toupin in waving goodbye and saying, hope to see you soon!

parkrun 2018-10-06-14


Livonia #311 – Last of the 6 a.m. Alarms

We had a cool fall parkrun last Saturday, in our last 8 a.m. parkrun of the year. We had 58 friends and 17 volunteers getting together for our weekly run/walk/jog through Bicentennial Park.

We had seven first timers join our merry band of parkrunners. Let’s give a warm welcome to Demetrius Russell, Allen Coleman, Lynn Atkinson introduced to parkrun by her friend Kim Zamora, Tom Danowski brought by his wife Joanna, and Unknown, Unknown, and Unknown. More about those Unknowns later.

Here is girl Lynn (to distinguish her from Lynn Boven).

parkrun 2018-09-29-05

A warm return welcome to Paul Willatts, in town from Wimbledon Common parkrun, visiting his daughter in Royal Oak.

Thank you bukku much to all our volunteers! Sam BAILO, Thomas BARYLSKI, Lynn BOVEN, Steve BOYAK, Tracey COHEN, Tim GALLAGHER, Spencer GREVE, Kathleen HALL, Bruce HYDE, Tim KEER, Kathleen LOMAKO, Scott MAXWELL, Patrick STARR, Joshua STYRON, Krista TANNER, John TARKOWSKI, and Donald THEODORE. You guys make the parkrun world go ‘round.

Congratulations to super volunteers Bruce Hyde and Thomas Barylski who earned 1st and 2nd age group awards in the recent Livonia St. Mary's Hospital Run.

parkrun 2018-09-29-03

We had five people earn new Personal Best times in great running conditions. Congratulations to Joy Schultz, Emily Keith, and Rachel Sawicki. Then Patrick Starr ran even faster this week earning another PB than he did last week when he was first finisher. Finally, congratulations again to the ever-quicker Sam Bailo, with yet another amazing PB, running faster than ever in any of his previous 215 Livonia parkruns. Sam mentioned his secret if you want to hear it. He said he cut out all his long, slow runs where he would perhaps lose interest, and now focuses on a short quick two-mile route every day.

parkrun 2018-09-29-22

For the third week in a row, we had at least two official milestone shirts earned. Thank you and Congratulations to Scott Maxwell for volunteering 25 times. And Congratulations to Todd Martin on completing his 50th parkrun.  Other even numbers this week belong to Kim Zamora running her 185th parkrun, Tom Barylski doing his 55th parkrun, Josh Styron with his 40th parkrun, and Shannon Dowd with her 30th.

parkrun 2018-09-29-01

Returning to those unknowns, and also getting our first finishers mentions in, our first unknown was our first finisher. His name is Josh Mussen. Josh along with our second finisher Jacob Dolan we believe are cross-country runners from U of M Dearborn. They are our first ever unknowns at the top of the chart. We hope they come back again and also register. In third place for the men was a definite known, Josh Styron. Josh also had the highest age grade of the week at 71% of world record pace.

Our last unknown was John Larkin, who found out about parkrun by watching us run by each week as he exercised his dog Nori at Bicentennial Park’s fairly new dog park. He and Nori had a great time park/barkrunning and promised to be back, next time registered.

For the ladies, Charlotte Burke has moved into 4th place all alone in the all-time Livonia chart with her 21st first finish. Charlotte is also 15th on the all-time USA parkrun list. Shannon Dowd came in 2nd on her 30th parkrun, and Tracey Cohen, running this week without her beloved Bailey, was 3rd.

Here is the last run report reminder that next week Wednesday Michael Camilleri is holding a World Mental Health Day 5K fun run on our same parkrun course starting at 6 p.m. No advance registration is required. Any and all parkrunners are welcome to attend.

Huge news in Ann Arbor! Hard working Stephanie Evans both secured the last of the required initial funding, and received the go ahead for her official launch date of November 3rd for the Lillie Park parkrun, Ann Arbor. We are all so proud of, and excited for, Stephanie! She is meanwhile still continuing the practice parkruns which are now also moved, in-sync with Livonia, to 9 a.m. Saturdays at Lille Park in Ann Arbor. We think she might have some Livonia visitors this week.

Big news here at home is we announced yesterday that we are officially having our first ever Thanksgiving Day parkrun. We will start at the unique time of 10 a.m. so you can either do a Turkey Trot/parkrun double, or save the $40-$50 and sleep in an extra hour and come to parkrun.

As usual, we had a great turnout after parkrun at Biggby coffee. Please join us there any Saturday. Hope to see you soon, gobble gobble! parkrun 2018-09-29-04


Livonia #310 – A Starring Role

We had a lovely parkrun last Saturday, in our second to last 8 a.m. parkrun of the year. We ran, jogged, and walked with 67 of our friends and family with us as part of our parkrun community. For a change, the usual upper end, speed-wise, of our community had previous engagements though. So with no one by the last name of Howse, or Preiss, or even Styron, in attendance last Saturday it left things open to see what would happen.

About 21 minutes into the parkrun there was no doubt about what the results would be though when you could hear the shouts and screams reverberate throughout the woods.  Krista Tanner could be heard deep into the forest path. Krista has become our defacto "into the woods" marshal volunteer, ushering the parkrunners around the tennis courts and into the woods. Why was Krista screaming and shouting? Well, her son, Patrick Starr, was about to become one of the youngest Livonia parkrun overall first finishers, joining Alexander Brauer and Askay Reddy, and the youngest since 2016.

parkrun 2018-09-22-03


Lest anyone think we only value speed, or first finishes, we would like to also recognize our slowest walkers of the season.  Tracey Cohen asked us very politely in advance if she could bring her dog Bailey, knowing he was old and slow.  Of course we said Bailey was welcome, and along with second timers Joanna Danowski and her dog Blue, they completed the course in a near record one hour and fifteen minutes.
parkrun 2018-09-22-14

Let's welcome all the first timers to Livonia parkrun who we hope will join our community and return often. Welcome to Mayukh Charavartti, Joy Schultz, and Emily Keith. Plus welcome first timers from Chandler Park High School India Respress, Taylor Walton, Jayla Stafford, and Nykesha Sanders. Plus, welcome first timers to Livonia Jodie and Jonathan Knowles visiting Livonia from Leeds in the U.K. (Same place as our Stephanie Evans who is working hard to start Ann Arbor parkrun).

parkrun 2018-09-22-15

We had nine people earn new Personal Best times on a cool first day of fall. Congratulations to new speedster Sam Bailo, with another amazing PB, running faster than he ever has before in any of his previous 214 Livonia parkruns. Plus congratulations to Jason Black, Kelly Bourne, Armani Boozer, Tim Evans, Scott Revord, and Jeffery Adams.

Let’s take a minute to thank the volunteers shall we? parkrun is completely volunteer organized and led, and we would like everyone to get a chance to experience the fun and good feelings associated with volunteering. The volunteers having the most fun of everyone this week were Sam BAILO, Andrea BONDER, Lynn BOVEN, Steve DANCY, Tim GALLAGHER, Spencer GREVE, Tim KEER, Kenneth LESCELIUS, Scott MAXWELL, Patrick STARR, Krista TANNER, John TARKOWSKI, Donald THEODORE, Yuma TSUBOUCHI, and Kim ZAMORA

We have a good set of volunteers for tomorrow, September 28th.  Please consider volunteering for October 6th or beyond by sending an email to

With Lynn out of town this week enjoying the hospitality at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore, Maryland, Ken Lescelius and Tim Keer stepped up to do the early 7 a.m course set up role. Ken got a surprise in the far woods when he found a good-sized tree had fallen, completely blocking the path. Ken headed back to home base, recruited some additional volunteers, and we all went back into the woods to see if we could clear the way. In true parkrun community fashion with some grit and determination, we got the tree off the path so parkrun could proceed on our normal course.

parkrun 2018-09-22-19


For the second week in a row, we had multiple official milestone shirts earned. Congratulations to John Tarkowski on the occasion of his 25th time volunteering. Thank you John! And congratulations to Virginia Gerstner on completing her 50th parkrun! Other round numbers this week belong to Don Theodore doing his 190th parkrun, Chris Walker running his 145th, Karen Slayton with 105 parkruns, Mike Kakos running his 95th, Mike’s brother Tom and Ray Walsh both doing their 80th parkruns, Kathleen Lomako with her 70th, plus Mark Maisonneuve and Patrick Starr both running their 40th parkruns.


. parkrun 2018-09-22-10

Returning to relatively unimportant fast people news, in addition to Patrick’s Starr’s first, first finish on his 40th parkrun, in 2nd place for the men we had Brad Boyer. In 3rd for the men we had Tim Evans, our sometimes U.K., sometimes Livonia resident. Tim also had the highest age-graded run for the week at 72% of world record pace.

For the ladies, we had Chander Park High School with a sweep of the top three positions. Armani Boozer earn her first, first finish, in her second parkrun. First timers Nykesha Sanders and Jayla Stafford were second and third respectively. The last time Chandler Park’s Coach, Dave Mann, brought his team to Livonia parkrun was the day we had over a foot of snow, and they all made snow angels.

parkrun 2018-09-22-05parkrun 2017-12-16-22

Here is a reminder that Michael Camilleri is organizing a World Mental Health Day 5K fun run on our same parkrun course on Wednesday, October 10th at 6 p.m. Any and all parkrunners are welcome to attend.
Also Stephanie Evans is continuing the practice parkruns at 8 a.m. Saturdays in Lille Park in Ann Arbor. She would love some Livonia visitors.

Lastly, another reminder that tomorrow, September 29th, will be our last 8 a.m. parkrun for the year. October 6th we start at 9 a.m. though May of 2019. Thank you for reading this far. Happy parkrunning!


Livonia #309 – Hand Full of Newbies and a Couple New Veterans

I'm not sure if a run report ever got out this early but if this writer gets into the week without publishing it will surely not get completed.  The intent of the run report is to get us thinking about next Saturdays event around mid-week but in my life, and surely everyone else's, as soon as Monday hits the pace tears away all thoughts but survival until next Saturday.  For all concerned this will be short and sweet, and if you find a few minutes mid-week to read it please be inspired to attend # 310 on Sept. 22nd.

The most significant highlight yesterday, at least in the eyes of this Co-event director, was our number of volunteers.  We had 17 volunteers fulfilling the variety of needs for our parkrun.  This is paramount to the health of our team and speaks to the sustainability of our event.  Two of our volunteers, Josh Styron and Yuma Tsubouchi, have now volunteered a total of 25 times and are eligible for those cool purple shirts.

We were also happy to welcome 13 first timers.  Well according to the Keer report 12 first timers and one tourist with 36 runs elsewhere.  The advantage to our newly edited chalkboard that eliminates the word parkrun, replacing it with Livonia, is that tourists who have not run at Livonia can be photographed with the other 1st timers as soon as the first timers briefing is completed.  Everyone is in a group, quick and easy.

Now for the boring performance stats.  The women's category was bested by first timer Ekaterina Komova in a time of 21:59.  Another first timer Marie-Eve Pepin finished in silver position in 22:29.  Balancing the podium in bronze position was first timer Alesia Sibrel in 23:45.

The men's category saw Shawn Howse claim his 13th first finish in 14 events in a time of 18:15.  Livonia first timer, with 36 runs elsewhere, Ben Moores followed closely in 18:34.  Wan Wallace running in his second parkrun earned bronze in 19:28, almost one year after his first Livonia parkrun.

Let's celebrate now.  Both Kathleen Hall and Kenneth Lescelius celebrated completion of 50 parkruns this week.  We congratulate both Kathy and Ken and look forward to sharing the next milestone, 100, with you as well.  Now begins the laborious process of figuring out how to get those red shirts.  If anyone has a good system let us know.

The clock tells me it has just slipped into Monday so I probably need to publish before the weeks work begins.  I will be absent this Saturday and so will the call of the wild Cooper Dog.  I noticed when I asked if anyone would like to pick him up and run with him that the group fell silent.  I get it, he is a pain, but no one enjoys parkrun more than El pero diablo blanco.  See ya'll at #311 on September 29th and have a good parkrun.






Livonia #308 – Run for your Lives!

No, there was not any zombie apocalypse or other danger we all had to run from this past Saturday. Just the realization that running or walking, joining together with our parkrun family and community, gives us that little extra to live for, and can make our lives healthier and happier.  Every Saturday many of us wake up thinking, hooray, it is parkrun day. We get excited about meeting old friends, and making new friends. We look forward to seeing who else has turned up from the far corners of our big blue planet to visit our little slice of parkrun heaven.

Enough philosophizing for now. This past Saturday we kibitzed with 58 walkers/runners/joggers. We welcomed nine first timers, seven of which were brand new to parkrun. We saw the debut of a beautiful parkrun collage that celebrates all the good things about parkrun. We got a bit more excited about the future Ann Arbor parkrun, hearing about their Gallup Gallop success. And we had some perfect running weather for some of our parkrunners who are gearing up for fall half/marathons/ultras. Here is our new collage.

parkrun 2018-09-01-26The newbies for the week were Marcus, Greg who came with his wife Amy, youngster Jonah, Rachel, her brother Roger, and her husband Ali, Nicholas who came with his brother Luke, and Sarma who arrived late, but better late than never. Here are Rachel and Ali, along with Greg and Amy. parkrun 2018-09-08-16

parkrun 2018-09-08-01Let’s all give a virtual round of applause to this week’s volunteers. Without volunteers there is no parkun. Please join me in saying thank you to Sam BAILO, Thomas BARYLSKI, Lynn BOVEN, Karen EAGLE visiting from England, Tim GALLAGHER, Spencer GREVE, Bruce HYDE, Ryan KEBERLY, Tim KEER, Kenneth LESCELIUS, Scott MAXWELL, Patrick STARR, Joshua STYRON, Krista TANNER, Donald THEODORE, Sachiko TSUBOUCHI, Yuma TSUBOUCHI, and Jackie TURNER Here are Karen and her husband from Yeovil in the U.K. parkrun 2018-09-08-02

Believe us, volunteering is fun! And we need you too. This Saturday, September 15th, we have a great set of people pre-volunteered, but every Saturday after that has plenty of openings. Feel free to try out a new job or a behind the scenes role, we would be happy to pull back the curtain and show you how it all goes down. If you want to join in the fun, please email Here are some of our wonderful volunteers Jackie, Scott, and Spencer.

parkrun 2018-09-08-18For another week, we did not have any official t-shirt milestones earned. But we still have a couple people getting very close to 50 parkruns. Here’s to the people who have completed the following number of parkruns: Bruce Hyde with number 210. Marty Povirk with 60. Sakicho and Yuma Tsubouchi both with 25. Plus Michael Camilleri and Jonathan Smith both with 20. Michael Camilleri is organizing a World Mental Health Day 5K fun run on our same parkrun course on Wednesday, October 10th at 6 p.m. Any and all parkrunners are welcome to attend. Here is Micheal enjoying his parkrun experience. parkrun 2018-09-08-06

We had one age group record broken in the Men’s over 80 category, as 84 year old Jon Desenberg improved his record from just the week before to go the full 5K in 36:11. Impressive!

Onto the first finishers. Both the Men’s and the Ladies’ first finishers were repeat performers from the week prior. And both improved their times, one by six seconds, and the other by seven seconds. For the ladies we had upcoming volunteer parkrunner Alison Roth finishing first for the 3rd time. She was followed by veteran parkrunner and FBC member Charlotte Burke.  In third for the ladies was Sachiko Tsubouchi, perhaps more famously known as Yuma’s Mom.

Now for the male first finishers. We had Livonia parkrun course record holder Shawn Howse earning his 12th first finish in 13 parkruns. In 2nd was our resident volunteer token sorter, Josh Styron. And in 3rd was Shawn’s brother, Scott Howse.  Shawn earned the top age grade of the week in 71% of world record pace. If Shawn is there this Saturday, pay attention and you might get treated to a very exciting non-race, as Jackie Turner’s boyfriend, Ben Moores is coming and he and Shawn both run at about the same pace (very fast!) Here are Shawn (left) and Scott (right) brotherly love.

parkrun 2018-09-08-15

Join us each and every week (if you can) to follow the continuing saga of Livonia parkrun.

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