What kind of work? Team work!

Leakin Park parkrun is all about community, and our team of volunteers regularly exemplify the team spirit. Even with the cooler temperatures hovering near freezing and a lovely sprinkling of snow, they come out in full force to help make the day possible. Tony and Alicia RIBEIRO made a wonderful father-daughter team of finish-timers in their first volunteering stint. Art LEIN joined us on the course as a fantastic marshal. Will and Zach JONES continually demonstrate a superb brother-brother team working the finish line, while Jo and Ed ORSER are our stalwart husband-wife team manning their locations on the course. Genevieve and Tom HORNIK, Iman NEWMAN, and Kristie METZ showcased the efforts of Leakin Park's Core Team. Thank you all!

Volunteer collage(1)Tom was able to celebrate a couple of unique milestones. He has now completed 75 parkruns globally! 50 of those were in the UK, and he has 25 in the US. Tom also became Leakin Park's first Visually Impaired Guide volunteer. He escorted his brother Tim through the course aided by the ever faithful Martina. Tom's expert communication skills allowed for a smooth and enjoyable run for all, as Tim used the day to continue his training toward Boston. Best of luck to you, Tim. TT COLLAGE//

We welcome Dan PARRY as our newest member to the 10+ parkrun club. Dan exemplifies consistency as he has not missed a week since he discovered our parkrun. We love having you, Dan.

DAN COLLAGEThe Saints of St. Mary's High School came out in full force this week as well. The students from the school joined forces to conquer their first 5K run. Together the team of boys pushed each other to achieve their best. Their parents were able to cheer the boys on through each lap and into the finish. In the process, Ki'sean GRAY set a new age-grade record. Congratulations to Hunter, Evan, Ethan, Logan, and Ki'sean on your accomplishment. We are proud of you. BOYS COLLAGE

Another fine example of community and teamwork was shown by the birthday celebration for Rian HART. She brought out some of her amazing friends to share in the morning with her. All around the course, the ladies were able to supply plenty of birthday cheer for Rian and some enthusiastic support for each other!  Rian was clearly born to be a parkrunner!

Rian CollagesWe would be remiss if we didn't also say congratulations to Derek PINCHBECK, who handled the difficult weather well enough to achieve a hard-earned PB on the day. He was able to cut more tha a minute from his previous time. Outstanding! DEREK COLLAGE

Until next week!

Leakin Park parkrun Jan. 13 2018


New Year’s News

New Year's Day is a time for friends!

Weather reports called New Year’s Day one of the coldest in Baltimore history as temperatures hit a low of 5 degrees with a slight wind; however, friends from across the Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia area were able to bring plenty of warmth to the day. Leakin Park was proud to host the first US Double parkrun in partnership with College Park parkrun.
NYD Crew

The day could not have been such a success without the support of our volunteers who braved the cold with smiles on their faces, even if they couldn’t be seen underneath all the layers. Zach, Will, and Doug JONES brought a family flair to the morning as did Run Director Tom HORNIK accompanied by Genevieve, who is enjoying her winter break. Leakin Park stalwarts Kristie METZ enjoyed the view from the marshal position, and Bridget MCCUSKER learned the art of timing. A big thanks to Pam MARCUS for joining us as tailwalker as she prepares to open a new parkrun in Kensington, Maryland. We can’t wait to visit.
NYD Vols

A highlight of any weekend is seeing friends hit milestone achievements, and Monday was no different. It was a delight to witness Colin PHILLIPS accomplish his 50th parkrun morning on the same day as his 50th birthday. Only Colin could plan this “coincidence”.
NYD Colin

We also want to recognize a true first-timer in John HUSSEY. John needed to run a 5k for class and break the 30-minute mark. Drum roll please . . . John came in with 14 seconds to spare. Bravo, John. We hope you continue to come out, especially in better weather.
NYD John

The frost was forming on the runners, but that didn’t seem to slow down the four sure-footed runners who hit PBs this weekend. Clark RIDGE from College Park ran so quickly he didn’t even feel the cold while wearing shorts, Lokesh MEENA is enjoying becoming a parkrun tourist and joined us for the second time while improving his PB by almost 4 minutes! Joyce ADAMS, the amazing event director from Roosevelt Island parkrun, also visited for a second time and saw her PB time tumble more than 20 minutes! And Leakin Park’s own Sally WALLER continues to amaze as she has hit PBs in every parkrun in which she participates (this is now her 8th straight PB)!!!

While Leakin Park can’t brag enough about our community, we do want to recognize the distance some came to visit today, including (sorry if we missed anyone):

Roosevelt Island brought us a visit from running enthusiast Eden GREY, sans Foxy, while Fletcher’s Cove core team members Andres FALCONER and Ian COOMES joined us again. Andres seems to bring the extreme weather with him to our park on each visit. We really need to coordinate better.

Distance proved no obstacle for two couples. Karen and Steve KRANE traveled more than 400 miles from Mansfield, Ohio parkrun. Rosemary and Art PAUL left at 6:00am to drive from Dover, Delaware for the double. That is determination.
LP 27

College Park parkrun brought us Clark, Colin, and Lokesh, as well as Paul KITTREDGE, Frank FILTEAU, Greg GORMAN, Alan MULINDWA, Erin MUNSELL, Andrea ZUKOWSKI, and Cindy COHEN.

What an absolutely wonderful way to kick off the new year. Best wishes to all for the year ahead. Keep warm and keep walking and running.


12/30- Cancelled

Sorry to announce that the icy conditions have forced us to cancel our parkrun for this morning. Stay safe and stay warm. Please consider checking out one of our other DC runs this morning in College Park, Anacostia, or Roosevelt Island.


Holiday Fun- LP #27

Happy Holidays from Leakin Park- Run #27

Neither the cool weather nor the holiday weekend kept the community away from parkrun last weekend as we saw a record setting crowd.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the day possible, including ART LIEN and TIFFANIE LOGGINS who both came out for their first volunteer opportunities.  BOB LESSICK and KAY HALLENBECK both decided to take it easy on their bodies to help out.  JO and ED ORSER can always be counted on to volunteer whenever they are in town. ALLISON JOYCE learned the art of the barcode scanner, while TOM HORNIK excelled as our run director. Thank you all!

Xmas Vols

It was so much fun to see reindeer flying around the course as OLIVIA GUARD, DOUG JONES, and CHARLIE JOYCE donned their horned apparel for our festive weather day. AMY RYAN and KRISTIE METZ got into the spirit with some fantastic sweaters.  And it would be impossible to forget the festiveness of our Moms Run This Town contingent including ANGELA HALE, MARY WINKFIELD, CRYSTAL SHELLEY, STACEY KOWALSKI, and ERIN ELIZABETH.

Xmas Festive

Leakin Park was also given the gift of first-time runners this week as we welcomed TEN new runners to our park.

Visitors from other areas were not in short supply either.  We greeted RAGHU T from Michigan, and DAN LOUW from London. Family tourists came out in numbers with JEFF, LAUREN, and KAY HALLENBECK coming from New Jersey and ALI MOINNAMINI joining YASAMAN and NASTARAN SEPANJ from the UK.

xmas tourists

FIVE of our runners took home PBs this weekend.  SHEKA KANU and KRIS BURNETT both trimmed two minutes off their previous bests.  LAUREN and STACEY both bettered their times from their first visits, and ERIC JOHNSTON pushed himself to improve his time.

xmas PBs

We look forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend as we host not only our normal Saturday parkrun, but also a New Year's Day run at 8:30.


Time flies when you’re having fun!

Time flies when parkrun is having fun!

Leakin Park greeted our parkrun volunteers and participants with a beautiful winter panorama. It is amazing how sometimes nature truly does make us slow down to enjoy the scenery, and no one seemed to mind setting aside PBs for the week for the opportunity to take in the snow-covered landscape.

For our six-month anniversary, I think we declared ourselves as having officially arrived as an established parkrun event, as not only did we have a group of super-trouper parkrun regulars, we had parkrun tourists come run with us over the river and through the woods (all we needed was grandmother’s house) while other Maryland parkruns had to succumb to the weather.

Over the river and through the woods over river through woodsThank you to our six-month celebration volunteers Thomas HORNIK (and Martina, too!), Doug JONES, Will JONES, Zach JONES, Kristie METZ, Jo ORSER, and Ed ORSER for so merrily hosting our runners (and interval run-walkers this week!) and for making our parkrun possible, and for our special Friends of Leakin Park for bringing in the blow-torch to thaw out the front gate’s lock to let us all in!     Volunteers (1)

In addition to parkrun tourists Lokesh and Tsegaab hailing (no pun intended) from College Park, we also enjoyed hosting first-time parkrunners Derek and Tiffanie, calling the weather’s bluff. Derek managed to make our six-month celebration a double-first for himself being a first-time parkrunner as well as this week’s first finisher! Way to go, Derek!

Lokesh and Tsegaab were all smiles on the courseLokesh and Tsegaab

Welcome Derek and Tiffanie Tif and Derek collage

Another shout out to Sheka Kanu who decided to delay a trip back home to Cleveland in order to join us for a day in the park.  Amazing dedication, sir!

Leakin Park parkrun Dec. 16

In honor of celebrating our six-month milestone, we ran the course in reverse to take a look back from whence we have come. And on that note, we have compiled our accomplishments thus far.
So, in case you were wondering:

-We have seen 210 volunteer opportunities filled over the course of our first six months. Every volunteer helps make our event possible. A big thanks to our stalwart volunteers:
Jo and Ed Orser (29 combined times)
Bridget McCusker(14 times)
Will and Zach Jones (38 combined times)
and core team members Doug, Kristie, Tom, and Michael (58 combined times)

- We have seen 206 individuals participate in our parkrun so far. Those include many who got to see the park for the first time. We are happy so many people are taking the chance to enjoy the park.
-There has been more than a 70 year age difference between our oldest and youngest participants.
-Leakin Park has welcomed local parkrun tourists from College Park, Roosevelt Island, Fletchers Cove, and Durham NC. There have also been tourists from Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

-Our runners, joggers, and walkers have completed the course 587 times! That is enough to complete a run to Salt Lake City!
-141 times we have been able to cheer our runners on achieving Personal Best times.

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