Run Report #117 – Draining the swamp (sort of) …

After a week of seemingly continuous rain, the Chesapeake and Ohio National Historic Park Tow Path was nothing but puddles, puddles, and more puddles for this week’s parkrun. Swamp-like, so to speak.  And looking a lot like the Preakness that took place later in the day, and the Kentucky Derby two weeks prior.  The rain gods were ‘sort of’ smiling on the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun as the rain became only a drizzle by our 9:00 a.m. start.

Hardcore is the only word to describe the 21 runners who braved the elements. Of the finishers, six have run more than 50 parkruns and one has run more than 100. Today’s top finisher was Robin Larner with a time of 20:30. Running in his 88th parkrun, Jeff Neradka came in second at 24:45. The third finisher and top woman was Mary Lowe Mayhugh with a time of 26:45. You can see all the run results at

Special thanks go to the Kingsbury Center’s Innovation 5K. They had priority use of the Tow Path for their 8:00 a.m. run, but graciously agreed to share it with Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.  And in the spirit of kindred runners, we entered a team in their 5K – Team parkrun: Cindy Cohen, Susan Crammond, David Donahue, Andres Falconer and Henry Wigglesworth.  Cindy finished first in the Adult Women’s Division; Andres was 3rd in the Adult Men’s Division.  And Henry graciously stepped in midway through the race, to course-correct the midpoint turn-around.  Final note: Not getting enough puddles, puddles, and more puddles – Cindy and Andres double ‘dipped’, running Fletcher’s Cove parkrun on short rest!

Thanks go to volunteers Tita Chico, David Donahue, Sylvia Lesic, Nico Foxley, Tomas Foxley, Jason Legum, and Manuel Rivera. Please sign up to volunteer in a future run. Your help will be greatly appreciated by your fellow runners!

As with other Saturdays, the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun does not really end when the last finisher crosses the line. It continues with fellowship at Black Coffee on MacArthur Boulevard.  Join us!

Finally, an important reminder:  We are now enforcing the parkrun policy – No Barcode, No Time, No Exceptions. It also means you will note get credit for your next parkrun milestone. So remember to bring it, wear it, wristband it, laminate it and have it with you every Saturday.

-  Joseph McKenzie, Run Director #117


Run Report #116 – A Fletcher’s Cove Record Breaking parkrun!

A Fletcher’s Cove Record Breaking parkrun! Not for the number of runners, but for the extraordinary roster of volunteers – our largest ever cohort, so first big round of applause to the generous spirit of the 20 volunteers pitching in today:

Run Director - Dan OWEN; Timekeepers - Julia A FIGUEREDO and Alex FOXLEY; Barcode Scanners - Nancy EDSON and Lailah STRUBE; Finish Tokens - Håkan LONÆUS; Marshals - Melissa BODEAU, Jason LEGUM, Paul DURBIN, Jenese JACKSON, Zak OWEN and Bella OWEN; Tail Walker - Robin LARNER; Photographers - Michael BENDER and Alejandro MALDONADO; Volunteer Co-ordinator - David DONAHUE; Funnel Managers - Andres FALCONER and James Oscar LONAEUS; Finish Token Support – Henry WIGGLESWORTH.

Why so many volunteers? Because run #116 was a Mother’s Day 5k parkrun collaboration with DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation and the Mayor’s FitDC program and we expected a surge in numbers. Perhaps the rising tide of temperatures acted as a restraint – today’s run had us perspiring joyfully in anticipation of the long summer running Fletcher’s Cove ... 128 completed the Parkrun today and hearty congratulations to the many first timers and a very happy Mother’s Day to all.  Thanks to DPR and FitDC for the excellent partnership and to the November Project for the warm-up.

Pease sign up to volunteer in a future run. Your help will be greatly appreciated by your fellow runners!

You can see all the run results at

Today we played catch up with the parkrun law of the land – No Barcode, No time, No exception – so remember to bring it, wear it, wristband it, laminate it and have it with you every Saturday.

Keep Calm and Keep parkrunning!

-          Dan Owen, Run Director #116


Run Report #115 – CincoK de Mayo

Did you catch the subtlety of the headline (5K de Mayo?)!

The 115th Fletcher’s Cove parkrun celebrated Tomas Foxley’s 13th birthday as our flawless volunteer timekeeper for the day’s race. Tomas was born 05/05/05 (how cool is that!); his papa Alex was our other timekeeper for the day. Thanks, Tomas for starting your birthday celebrations with your parkrun family! He was joined by 76 runners for the CincoK de Mayo run.

The race posted 12 Personal Best times, and included 17 First Time runners (who we hope to see gain soon at Fletcher’s Cove or any of our other area parkrun locations).

Joe Schoenbauer was the overall first place finisher, and in his second parkrun, posted a Personal Best of 19:37. Congrats Joe!  He was closely followed by Robin Larner (19:53) and Andrew Shen (20:11).

In the Women’s Division, Chelsea Porter led the way with a time of 25:26.  And like Joe, she was closely followed by April Cisneros (25:41) and Katie Beach (25:48).

You can see all the results at

Shout outs and milestones:

** Lola Orlove Rodriguez (31:43) was first in the under10, Junior Women’s age group, earning her parkrun milestone t-shirt in her 10th parkrun.

** Jyothi Aisha Ramiah Petit (27:04) was first in the Junior Women’s, age 15-17 age group.   It was a Personal Best, and she also earned a parkrun milestone t-shirt in her 10th parkrun.

** Jaycob McMahon, of the YMCA of Canberra (capital city of Australia) Runners Club, ran his 135th parkrun, only 15 away from 150!

** Kirsty Lonergan is nearing her 100th parkrun – just 6 to go

** And I (Sylvia), just earned my Volunteer Club milestone t-shirt, representing 25 parkrun volunteer occasions.

Looking ahead to next Saturday, May 12th, Fletcher’s Cove parkrun is hosting the DC Park and Rec’s FitDC program, with a special Mother’s Day Weekend Run.  We anticipate upwards of 200+ runners.  So come out and support parkrun and Fit DC!  And we will need some additional volunteer support, as well!

IMPORTANT: Starting on May 12th, we will begin enforcing the parkrun policy – NO BARCODE, NO RESULTS. Be sure to print out your barcode, and bring to the run. TIP:  Laminate your barcode or consider purchasing a wrist band or key fob with your parkrun barcode imbedded on it.  AND, here’s the real rub - with no barcode, you will not get run credit to your next parkrun milestone level!!

Thanks to this week's volunteers:  Alex FOXLEY  •  Amie PENDLETON-KNOLL  •  Andres FALCONER  •  Dan OWEN  •  David DONAHUE  •  Emma IMPAVIDO  •  Håkan LONÆUS  •  Linda RAHAL  •  Robert MARTIN  •  Tomas FOXLEY

Pease sign up to volunteer in a future run. Your help will be greatly appreciated by your fellow runners!

-          Sylvia Lesic, Run Report Writer #114, Volunteer Co-Coordinator


Run Report #114 – Flexible and Persistent!

Today’s run showed that our 81 parkrunners are flexible and persistent! The group included 13 first time parkrunners. Today’s run shared the C&O Canal Towpath with other races, including a walk/run in the same direction as our regular course. A game day decision was made by the novice Run Director to reverse the route and head towards Georgetown. Much to the surprise of our flexible and persistent parkrunners, they met up with another group of racers that started in Georgetown at the Alexandria Aqueduct, with their turn around amidst our reverse course. Added to the flexible, persistent attributes of these 81 runners, their very accommodating nature should be included.

Today’s route provided for a great number of Personal Bests, so the down hill and tailwind in both directions (?) was an added plus to the alternate route!

The American University Running Club swept the first four positions for the run today: Casiano Koprowski 18:54, Daniel Ritter 19:00, Joseph Cosgrave 19:37 and John Guarino 20:11. They were a part of 9 members of their club that participated in Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #114.

Clare Wigglesworth roared in around the puddles as the first female at 21:19. Oh, did I forget to mention yesterday’s April showers not only brought spring flowers, but many puddles throughout the course.

Eric London posted a 24:30 for his milestone 50th parkrun! Way to go Eric, and congratulations!

As always a big thank you to our volunteers: Sarah Appleton, Mari Bailey, Hugh Lonergan, Hakan Lonaeus, Tim Ramsey, Erin Ryan, Henry Wigglesworth and today’s Marshal Matt Hansen (who the novice run director sent with a cone and her GPS watch to find the turn-around).

- Sylvia Lesic, Novice Run Director, #114; Volunteer Co-coordinator


Run Report #113 – Boston Strong!

Spring, sprung again this past Saturday, with a gorgeous morning for a run in the nation’s capital.  We welcomed 79 parkrunners, with 22 First Timers (we hope to see you all again soon, and often), three out-of-town guests and one international guest (oops, I failed to write down/remember where they came from).

While it’s not often we highlight an individual runner, Enrico Kuhn (of Washington, DC), is an exceptional exception.  He was first overall at Fletcher’s Cove this week, with a time of 16:27 (that’s a 5:18 per mile pace).  But here is the real story – Enrico, just five days earlier, ran the Boston Marathon on Monday (April 16th) – Blustery conditions (I know, because I was comfortably ensconced in front of my TV, to be polite).  Pouring rain all morning.  Strong headwinds.  And a starting line temp of 37 degrees.  Here is a summary of his stats:

  • 263rd Overall (25,746 finishers)
  • 261st Male
  • Time: 2:44.06 (6:16 per mile pace)
  • 12th among 1043 Regional Runners (DC, MD, VA)

Congratulations, Enrico!!  Well run …

If you would like to see all Boston Marathon Regional Runner results, send me an email at

Now for our other top finishers.  In the Men’s Division, Paul Picciano took second with a time of 17:30, and David Bedoya followed at 17:37 – both First Timers.  First Timer Jacqueline Kasal headed the women’s Division with a time of 19:19, just 23 seconds of the course record (for women).  She was followed by Kerstin Fagerstrom at 20:35 and Gaby Grebski at 20:38 (another First Timer).  Proving what a great day for running that it was, 24 Personal Bests were recorded!  Complete results can be found at  This week's photos posted at

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this week’s event a success:  Michael BENDER, Mat HANSEN, Sylvia LESIC, HakanLONAEUS, Jeff NERADKA, Gabi OLMEDO, Amie PENDLETON-KNOLL and Tim RAMSEY.  We appeal to all parkrunners to give back to the running community – and to parkrun, in particular, by periodically joining us as a volunteer.  The positions are easy to perform, and we pledge to support you fully.  Let us know of your interest in volunteering with an email to

REMINDER:  Post-run coffees have resumed at Black Coffee (4885 MacArthur Boulevard, NW), just a short walk or drive from Fletcher’s Cove.  A dozen, or so, parkrunners joined us this week.  Please come and join us.

Finally, help us identify outlets to promote parkrun – your community civic associations, social media networks, running groups, etc.  Copy and share the below flyer:

New Picture (1)

Have a great week. See you soon.

 -       David Donahue, Volunteer Co-Coordinator, Run #113 Director

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