OverRUN by First Timers – Eagan parkrun #58 Run Report

It's so great to see more and more new faces at Eagan parkrun.  On June 30th, we had loads of first timers.  The new runner briefing was bulging for sure with 18 of our 66 parkrunners joining us at Eagan for the first time!  Many of them were fast too... 7 of our first 11 finishers were first timers!  Nice work everyone!!!

IMG_1310Many familiar faces joined us too!  Andrew Bentall was unexpectantly in town after some flight delays, so he came over in the am after finding a printer to print his barcode and cranked out a new PB at Eagan.  It was also his 55th parkrun, most of which have taken place at Cannon Hill parkrun near Birmingham.  I'm sure we'll have a parkrun near him in Rochester, MN soon enough and he can continue his parkrunning more routinely... until then, great to see you again Andrew and hope it isn't another year before you are back! IMG_1719The author enjoyed a nice coffee while processing the results and chatted with Stefan Jankowski and Nicole Bergh.  It was Nicole's first parkrun and Stefan has continued to cut his times over 6 Eagan parkruns since last November.  Great work guys and best of luck on your upcoming Triathalons!   IMG_1759

Jeff Ferrazzo  just keeps cranking out PBs.  Another one at Eagan parkrun #58 and spoiler alert... given this is being written after Eagan parkrun #59... he did it again at that one!  He has now knocked 9 minutes and 29 seconds off of his time from last August and his PB sits at 28:32!  All done while volunteering nearly every week to help us set up as well.  Thanks and congrats Jeff!


Welcome back to Elizabeth Pichotta as well who made the drive in from Owatonna (another person in need of a Rochester parkrun) and picked up a nice PB in 27:02!  Hope that sister of yours gets out of bed to join us next time!


Lastly, welcome to Polly Davison, in from the UK and Melton Mowbray parkrun.  Polly was over on work and managed to find a couple of UK expats for a photo op as well.  Nick Rogers, originally from Scotland and the aforementioned Andrew Bentall helped Polly feel right at home!


So many thanks to our volunteers and some great new volunteers that have been joining us recently.  Linda Kaye has been with us most weeks recently helping out with all Finish Funnel roles and some photography.  Be sure to thank her next time you see her!

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer!  It is going by fast... keep running, you just might catch it!

See ya soon,






PBs All Around – Eagan parkrun #59 Run Report

After a few storms this week, there was concern that down downed trees might block parts of the course, however- good fortune shines on Eagan parkrun, and there were no unexpected obstacles. The only concern was for those little caterpillars that like to crawl on the asphalt. Yuck.

Running conditions were fair. It was lower 70's, no wind, with some humidity.
   above, Ally W pictured with Andy B.

We had several personal bests, or "PBs": Jeff Ferrazo, with the encouragement of his strongest and loyal supporter, Andy Borne, did an amazing 28:32 without breaking a sweat.

Others of note for PB's, in no particular order:Mike HANDLEY, Nicole BUNTING, Grace TAYLOR, Penny ANDERSON, Edward ANDERSON, Nicole DEZIEL and Sahir PAGEY.
      way to go, Jake B!

A special thanks to all the volunteers that help make parkrun possible, and to their small children who help cheer on runners, waiting for the day they too can join.


New Runners, New Volunteers – Eagan parkrun #57 Run Report


Really nice morning on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 for Eagan parkrun #57!  It was delayed one week as we had to cancel last week.  Severe weather including lightning was around at 8am for course setup and struck around 9am too... our first non-winter cancellation!

Great run was had though.  First timer and first finisher Jon Knutson hung around after finishing to chat a bit.  After having signed up many months ago, he was finally able to make it over given the conflicts with various training programs he was following.  Jon also mentioned he was interested in both running again and volunteering.  Great to hear and great to have you Jon!


A very similar conversation was had with Yelena Jurney after her impressive run around Thomas Lake Park.  Yelena had just run her first 5k... and thought she could do a little better... so she came to Eagan parkrun and she did!  Great work.  Look for Yelena this Saturday as our Volunteer Coordinator prior to running her second Eagan parkrun.  Thanks Yelena.


Great work from volunteer photographers, Jacob Damro and Emmett Gustafson!



Great work by Jake's brother Eli handing out finishing tokens last week.  So many different volunteer roles... check one out some time!



89 year old Rogers Anderson was looking great in his 23rd Eagan parkrun, followed closely by Tail Walker and 25 club member, Tom Anderson who is getting ready to walk a marathon come autumn.  Best of luck Tom!


Nice to have local running legend Rick Recker out for his first Eagan parkrun.  Very enjoyable speaking with Rick before and after as well.  Hope we see you again Rick or at a future parkrun in the Twin Cities.  If you know of anywhere or anyone interested, please let us know!


Forecast for tomorrow is calling for the hottest weather of the year so far for a parkrun.  Be sure to hydrate, take it easy and be careful.  Hope we see you, it should be a great parkrun!

See you soon!



Gimme Shelter – Eagan parkrun #56 Run Report

Hey Eagan parkrunners... super sorry on the delay for this Run Report.  What can I say... summer is a busy time of the year.  Alas, check out Eagan parkrun #56 Run Report!

We like to try new things at Eagan parkrun and have been looking at some various course layouts to get a little bit more room on our route and take advantage of the beautiful pavilions at Thomas Lake Park.  June 9th was our test for this.  It went well and the Run Director Team is continuing to look at future ideas.  If you haven't shared your feedback, feel free to drop us a note or mention to someone your thoughts.  I'm not sure we will make any changes right now, but we'll continue to look into ways to make Eagan parkrun the best it can be!

See our revised start.  It's a little tight as we continue to grow and image if there were 3 foot snow banks on either side of the path!


Here is our alternative finish line with our great Finish Funnel team of volunteers!  Great job Stevie Borne, Linda Kaye and Rio Cox!


Very nice to speak to David Hubmann and Lisa Hildebrand after the run.  Both had just completed their 2nd Eagan parkrun, in from nearby Richfield, MN.  Hopefully we'll have a parkrun close to their neck of the woods soon!

IMG_3697Welcome to Alyssa Breu, who ran her first Eagan parkrun along with her son in a stroller.  She cranked around the course to be the first female finisher in 21:45.  Report from her warm-up lap was that it was a bit hillier than expected.  Didn't look like it slowed her down much at all. IMG_0642

Hope everyone is having a great June!  See you soon at Eagan parkrun!



May 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the Month – Steve Cox


A hearty congratulations to May's Eagan parkrunner of the Month Steve Cox!  Steve has become a fixture in Eagan and this is a well-deserved bit of recognition.
Steve spent his first thirteen years in Central America where his father worked for the U.S. government.  He attended high school in Northern Virginia and college at William & Mary in Southern Virginia before moving to Minnesota with his future wife.  Steve earned his law degree at the University of Minnesota and practices law when he's not at Eagan parkrun.
We put Steve through the Eagan parkrunner of the month Q&A drill:

How did you learn about parkrun? 

I originally read about the parkrun movement in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago.  Then last summer I read about Eagan parkrun in either a city or local publication.

How has parkrun changed your fitness/running? 

I started as a way to encourage my son Rio to get more exercise, because I thought he’d enjoy the community aspect of parkrun.  (Which he does enjoy!)  I’d never been a runner, I’d never been into exercise classes or groups, and I’d never done exercise before that involved timing my performance.  So I was in this solely to motivate Rio.  But it turned out that I really enjoyed trying to improve my time.  I had already decided last year to increase both the intensity and frequency of my exercise, and parkrun really helped by giving me another form of exercise and a motivation to improve my time.  I’ve lost 20 pounds since last summer.

What do you like most about parkrun? 

The combination of community, very low key competition, same day and time every week, and no cost.

What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? 

The time I was the first finisher when it was 10 below, but froze the tip of my nose to the point that it was white and hard, then sat in the van at the finish line to thaw it out.


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