WE’RE BACK, BACK IN THE parkrun GROOVE – Eagan parkrun #38 Run Report


January 13th was our first of 2018 in what is sure to be a BIG year for Eagan parkrun.  We weren’t able to go the last couple of weeks due to wind chills below -20F.  At those temps, frost bite can set in on exposed skin within 15 minutes.  It is the decision of the Run Director that week and his/her main responsibility is always the safety of the parkrunners and the volunteers.  So given this, we haven’t been running through this crazy cold stretch… but we are back and had Eagan parkrun #38 last Saturday.  It was still REALLY cold, but the wind wasn’t too bad, so we felt as long as the runners were properly dressed and prepared, we could push on and get in a great parkrun.  In an effort to help our super team of volunteers, we also ran the course in the reverse direction.  This allowed our finishing funnel workers to sit in their cars as we waited for runners to come by on their first lap and then finish.  It was a big help for sure.


It wasn’t our largest turnout, but great to see 6 parkrunners out there.  Leading the pack around in a good time was Steve Cox.


Following him were Al “frozen beard” Barnicle and Andy “eye lashicle” Borne.



Jeff Ferrazzo had a nice run and was also out early to help us set up the course.  If you haven’t noticed, Jeff has been dropping pounds and seconds off his parkrun time.  Be sure to ask him about it when you see him… REALLY, REALLY GREAT WORK Jeff, Congrats!


We had a first timer… yes, a first timer saw that we have a 5k run and she was there.  Sophia Kvam lives in a western suburb and as part of school assignment, she had to run a 5k.  parkrun was just the ticket for her and it was great to have her there.  We felt a little bad as she came into the finish area, was pushing it hard… only to be told that she still had a lap to go.  UHHHHHHH.  But she motored around and had a great push for her real finish as well.  SUPER job Sophia.  We hope to see you again.


Bringing up the back and helping us collect the signs on the course afterwards was our Tail Walker Amit Parnerkar.  Thanks so much for your help Amit!


We had a couple of milestones or awards this week as well.  December parkrunner of the month… WASN’T THERE!  Oh no, no worries, I’m sure  they will be there next week and the award is safely in storage, ready to be presented next week. Someone who was there, was our FIRST 25 Volunteer Club Member from Eagan parkrun.  Tom Anderson hit 25 times back in late December.  Great job Tom and thanks so much for all of the support you have provided to Eagan parkrun since starting to volunteer in June of last year.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing that great purple shirt in the near future.


That’s about it for Eagan parkrun #38… we were able to cover all the runners and all of the volunteers in this run report.  Next week is looking good at 25F.  Heat wave for sure.  Hoping to see more great parkrunners out.  Be sure to spread the word as we continue to build our little local community, our little national community at parkrun USA and our little global community too!  We are also always looking to get more people involved in volunteering.  It's loads of fun and fulfilling.  Keep it in mind.  See ya soon!






Happy Holidays parkrun! – Eagan parkrun #37 Run Report

Hello parkrunners! For my debut as run director today, the best word I can think of to sum up Eagan parkrun #37 is “COLD!” But it was a good cold, right? With quite a bit of mid-week banter in the news about the likelihood of snow and expected cold temps, we were pleased to find the course in pretty good shape. A few slick frozen spots were still present from last week’s snow, but the remaining dry path made for a manageable run. Although Thursday’s snow never came, Mother Nature delivered on the sub-freezing conditions! The official temperature for our 9:00 a.m. start time was 10 degrees Fahrenheit. But with almost zero wind and clear skies, it was a gorgeous morning overall. The sunny rays were certainly welcome, and really helped create a happy and positive mood for an early morning run. We were 18 runners strong, including our Tail Runner (and regular parkrunner) Nick Rogers. Thanks Nick for helping set up the course, and ensuring that all of our brave runners finished the course without incident!

10 degrees F_closeup

Our runners today included 5 newcomers! Jayden Cordes, Nicole Ubbelohde, Israel Noboa, Brittany Hulbert, and William Schmalstieg. Coming all the way from Brisbane Australia, Jayden impressed with the first finisher position. Great job Jayden! Israel just began running this Spring for the first time, and clocked in with an impressive 9:32 overall pace today. Keep up the good work! Thanks to all the newcomers for coming out and enjoying the morning with us! We love seeing new faces, and getting to know you! We certainly hope you will return for more parkrunning here at Thomas Lake.


Thank you to ALL of the volunteers! Our “rocks” Tom Anderson and Francine LePage braved the cold weather to freeze their thumbs off as timekeeper and barcode scanner. This was Tom’s 25th time volunteering for parkrun, and Francine’s 36th overall appearance - out of 37 total events. Wow! First-time volunteer Adam Schaeffer did a great job enduring the elements helping dad with the pre-run setup and handing out finish tokens (and candy canes) to all of the finishers. Also, a BIG thanks needs to go out to Jeff Hames for taking all the great photos. His phone hung in there despite the cold, and drained down to 1% battery life while taking the final shots. It’s good to see Jeff has other talents besides finishing in the top three every time he runs the Eagan course! The holiday and spirit was also definitely in the air - I believe I saw at least one other Santa hat flying around the course besides Tom’s!


T.J. Brundies showed that the Vikings and Packers weren’t the only that were going to brave the frigid temps today! Go TJ!

14 Tj Brundies_closeup

We had two PB’s today: Al Barnicle came in at 24:06, and Andy Borne finished at 26:41. This was the 3rd PB for both of these parkrunners – just THIS MONTH! The cold weather seems to suit both of them. Congrats guys!


We also want to recognize the milestones of Ed Anderson and Sandesh Sapre - two of the most consistent faces at Eagan parkrun. Ed logged his 20th run with us today, and Sandesh just hit the 30-run mark. I think they might both be able to run the course blindfolded by now – but let’s not test the theory!


Finally, a couple of quick reminders, we will have our regular Saturday parkrun on December 30th as usual, and then a special New Year’s Day edition two days later on Monday, January 1, 2018 (9:00 a.m.). Hope to see everyone there! Also, if you enjoy parkrun, and would like to make sure that it continues to thrive, please consider volunteering! Just click on the “Volunteer” tab on the website, or send an e-mail to eaganhelpers@parkrun.com.

Public Service Announcement:  Due to the anticipated cold weather for this past week, we contined discussing the criteria that should be used in deciding whether to cancel an Eagan parkrun due to weather conditions, specifically temperature and wind chill. We are currently in the process of promulgating some of these guidelines, and there will surely be a lot more thought put into the subject. Of course, the overriding consideration will always be the safety of everyone involved. With sub-freezing temperatures, the importance of the Tail Walker is becoming more and more evident.  We'll continue to communicate around this subject and be sure to check social channels or the website prior to heading out on parkrun day.

Thanks for a GREAT parkrun experience everyone! Happy Holidays!



Hi Winter – Eagan parkrun #35 Run Report

Well it had to happen eventually... we've got snow, some ice... ahhhhh, I guess it is Winter in MN.  Even with our first weather of the year, we still had 22 runners and 4 first timers and people in great spirits, really enjoying being outside.  Great to see everyone out there.  The Run Briefing focused on course management and safety.  About half of the course had some spots under foot that required extra care.  Our parkrunners did a great job, took their time and made it around just fine.  Feedback from the course was that it was slower, but manageable.  


Most of our route gets a plow as part of a Eagan Parks program to clear some of the local walking trails in the winter.  That helped quite a bit, although, shady spot were still tough.  We’ll see how this week shapes up.  

Anyway, enough about the weather… how was the running out there?  Of our 22 runners, 4 people managed to grab a PB.  That is super work given the conditions.  Amit Parnerkar, Andy Borne, Daley Lehmann and Tail Walker Tom Anderson all got around really well.  


I was out taking pictures on the day.  Some super shots as Thomas Lake Park continues to change.  The Lake is now pretty well frozen.  Just some super views of the area.  We really do have a great place to run.


Special thanks to all of our volunteers.  A couple of them are usually out there running, but due to injury, they have decided to continue to join us and help out as volunteers.  Ed Anderson had the very important job of a special marshal on top of our hill… just make sure people were careful and safe as they descended the back side of it.  Thanks Ed and I hope you are out running next week, injury free!  Francine LePage has continued to be a part of parkrun even as she recovers from her foot injury.  She can managed the short walk to the finish line and has been a huge help in the finishing chute.  Thanks guys and thanks again to all of our volunteers.


I just snuck a peak at our enrollment… up to 900 separate runners have registered with Eagan park run as their home run.  Great to see.  We’ll be to 1000 before our 1 year and maybe will see a surge come New Year’s… speaking of which, don’t forget to join us for a New Year’s Day parkrun.  Thomas Lake Park, 9am, January 1st!  What a great way to start your year off right!


Have a super week and let's get ready for Saturday.  Don't forget to check us out on Social Media, including Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to follow parkrun USA and parkrun global too... where Eagan parkrun just had a picture posted last week... https://www.facebook.com/parkrun/photos/a.127327473021.106321.123677308021/10155314853583022/?type=3&theater

Bye for now!!



Hot running in December – Eagan parkrun #34 Run Report

20171202_092011Welcome to December everyone!!  How many of you didn't think we'd last this long... December in MN?!?!?!  Don't worry, we're just getting started folks!  Actually, looks like our runners are just getting started.  GREAT turnout of 52 runners on December 2nd!  That was a surprise to see as our temps continue to drop.

We celebrated two entrants to the Junior 10 Club this week.  Our first entrant was Noah Damro who did his first run back in August 2015 at Brueton parkrun in the West Midlands of England.  He has also done a run in August 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The other 8 runs have been in Eagan with his pb at the first Eagan parkrun back on April 22nd, 2017.  Great work Noah!!  Keep it up! 20171202_092002

Joining Noah in the Junior 10 Club this week was George Dahlager.  George has run all 10 of his runs at Eagan parkrun, starting with his family back at our 3rd Eagan parkrun in May 2017.  He must have really been amped up on that run as it has been his fastest in 20:59.  Great work George.  Looking forward to continuing to watch you run hard!! 20171202_091133

Besides our Junior Club members this week, we awarded the Eagan parkrunner of the month for November.  The recipient has been on a tear and a great addition to Eagan parkrun over the last two months.  He has joined us EVERY week since September 16th, including all 5 times in November.  He was also Tail Walker once in November.  Thanks and congratulations to Conor Hatch, November's Eagan parkrunner of the month!!!  Great work Conor and see you this Saturday! 20171202_093902

It's always nice to see our friend from Ireland, Aidan Mullen, who has now joined us on 3 separate occasions. He also managed to grab a PB this week by 3 seconds. Good work Aidan... cold weather running suits you! 20171202_091323

Some really super running at Eagan parkrun #34.  We had 14 PBs from the field and 9 first timers to Eagan.   20171202_092355



Don't forget to plan your New Years' Day and get 2018 off to a great start with a parkrun!  We'll be in the same place, 9am for a special Eagan parkrun.  Bring a friend or family and enjoy a great, free 5k!!

See you all soon!



It’s not cold yet – Eagan parkrun #33 Run Report

20171125_085941Hey... didn't we just do a parkrun, two days ago?  Actually two weeks ago... sorry folks, this report is a bit late, but this Eagan parkrun was from way back in November, right after Thanksgiving and WOW, we had a great turnout as people looked to burn off some of that Thanksgiving turkey!!  Check out that picture above... Mark Tronnier who ran a 23:20 this week is in shorts and a short sleeve shirt... at least he has a stocking hat on!  WOW, that is tough!

It was a cold morning here at Eagan parkrun #33.  We had a visitor from across the pond, Marcus Mears, who joined us from Buckingham parkrun in the UK.  Marcus was here visiting and it turns out he was visiting one of my high school teachers!!  Marcus was visiting Greg Utecht, who in addition to his illustrious teaching career, is a Minnesota State High School Track Official.  Sounds like a ready-made parkrun volunteer! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

It was super to see everyone and great running! We had 14 first timers join us and 4 new PBs.  ED Nate failed at his attempt to break his PB as he pulled in 5 seconds off it... keep working hard Nate, you'll get there! 20171125_090949

Super job by Jeff Ferrazzo, who has been running and racing up a storm this year.  Jeff got a new PB and ran Eagan parkrun under in under 30 minutes for the first time.  Thanks to Jeff for often times helping to set up the course prior to our run as well.  Congrats Jeff!!


Lastly, but so important, I really want to thank the team of volunteers that helped put on Eagan parkrun #33.


Well, it is a short one and a little late, but that all for now folks.  See you this Saturday for another Eagan parkrun!!


Run Director - Scott

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