Half way to 100 – Eagan parkrun #66 Run Report

Warm and Humid. That describes this week's parkrun. The highlight of the run was our own regular runner, Sandesh Sapre, who achieved his 50th run. Way to go Sandesh! He is only 1 of 2 people at the 50+ run total, the other being Francine.

IMG_1906Thank you to our volunteers, Tom ANDERSON, Douglas AYERS, Andy BORNE, Jeff FERRAZZO, Mark LUTTERMAN, Jessica TRAEGER-LINK.


Canadian Influences – Eagan parkrun #65 Run Report

Aug. 18, 2018Why is it so hazy on Saturday?  Good question.  There was actually more to it than just the weather during Eagan parkrun #65.  The morning of 18 August 2018 began with an Air Quality Warning from the National Weather Service and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency due to massive amounts of “airborne particulate matter” (smoke) from wildfires traveling south across the state originating from British Columbia, Canada.  Although most of us were unaffected, there were a few who felt a little congested.  Overall, however, it actually turned out OK.  We had 8 newcomers, and the haze dampened the sun and kept the temperature down quite a bit.  All in all, the results show that nearly 28% of us achieved personal best times, despite the air quality.  Apparently, parkrunners are quite resilient!  The park was also in great shape, and beautifully green today despite the dry weather we've been having lately.

From across the pond and beyond, we were joined by Stuart MOAKES, from Glauster, England, and Geoff HARRIS all the way from Nulkaba parkrun in Austrailia (north of Sydney).  Thanks for stopping by while you were in town!  Hopefully, our parking lot will be in better shape when you return!  Although the parking lot is still under construction and continues to be a staging area for the heavy equipment, it was actually fairly tidy and did not significantly interfere with our runners.  Regular mother and daughter duo Francine LEPAGE and Michelle PAHL didn't seem to mind at all!IMG_2600This week, while the volunteers and 43 parkrunners were enjoying Thomas Lake, our fearless leader Nate DAMRO (Eagan parkrunner Event Director) (third from left) joined ambassadors from around the country for a first time gathering at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.  The ambassadors spent their weekend exploring topics such as promoting diversity, building a volunteer culture, developing regional clusters of parkrun events, and creating thriving communities from big cities to small towns.  Hopefully, we will hear more from our ambassador in weeks to come (no pressure Nate)!ambassadors_20180817_group_900x416_webJunior parkrunner Andreu VILLA returned this week to put up quite an improved time of 25:15 for a personal best, giving him an age-graded percentage of 62.51%.  The age-graded percentage is a comparison to the current world record holder for a runner's gender and age category.  Not bad Andreu!Andreu (1)

parkrun 65 collage
As usual, thanks for our awesome six volunteers this week:  Jennifer O'ROURKE • Steven DREGER • Francine LEPAGE • Henry SCHAEFFER • Tom ANDERSON • Linda KAYE.

See you soon, and happy running!





Lots of Balls in the Air – Eagan parkrun #64 Run Report

Collage_Fotor 64 1

Ever feel like life is just a little too crazy?  Friends, family, work, school, bills, etc... oh ya, and don't forget trying to squeeze in a little walk or run or exercise.  Well when you think it is just a bit too much to keep all those balls in the air and something has to give... just think about Joshua Pichotta a first time parkrunner last week who not only got a good parkrun in, but JUGGLED three balls the entire way around!!!!  It was quite the scene and something I can say most of us had never seen before.  Thanks for coming our Joshua... we want to see 4 balls next time!


We welcomed another parkrunner to the Junior 10 Club last week.  Dominick Lenz ran his 10th Eagan parkrun and has been getting around this summer.  Great work Dominick!!!  Congratulations and look to pick up your shirt on your profile page.


Only two more Saturday's before September!  WOW, where has the summer gone.  Autumn should bring some great running conditions.  Hope we see you at Eagan parkrun for a run or walk or a volunteer role.  There are loads of options and they all come with a free SMILE!

Special thanks this week to all of our volunteers, with a call out to Jim Leffelman who too the amazing photos this week.  Thanks Jim, you can be photographer for Eagan parkrun anytime.

See you soon,



Rain, Rain, Go Away – Eagan parkrun #63 Run Report

43844557531_f96fe6f855_zWhen you’ve run through snow on icy paths with sub-zero wind chills a few raindrops on a warm August Saturday morning is nothing. The potential for unpleasant weather may have scared away a few runners but the 38 participants in Eagan parkrun #63 did themselves proud. Eight of the field of 38 (21%) set PB’s Saturday and nearly 20% of the field were first timers. We’re pretty sure the old Eagan parkrun saying “This may be your first parkrun but it won’t be your last” will hold true with this group; our first-timers this week all seemed to have a great time.

We also welcomed Simon Cohen who was visiting the States and Eagan parkrun from Edinburgh, Scotland. Simon, who is closing in on his 100th parkrun, was our 7th finisher in Eagan.

Thanks to our smaller than normal group of volunteers who multi-tasked their way through the raindrops: Timer Linda Kaye, Barcode Scanner, Naveen Kumar, our intrepid Tail Walker Francine LePage, double-dipping Set-Up Man “Skip” Schaeffer and first-timer Mark Lutterman who not only ran Eagan parkrun #63 but was also our Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks again to all…we can’t do it without you! 43127063704_9abdf3c197_z


See you all next Saturday at 9:00 AM for Eagan parkrun #64!

Tom Anderson

Run Director – Eagan parkrun #63


Sunny and Warm – Eagan parkrun #62 Run Report

On July 28th, Eagan parkrun #62 started at precisely 9:01 a.m., and the temperature was already 65F and climbing, with the sun bright and strong.  By the time the tail runner crossed the finish line, it was about 73 degrees.  The black-eyed Susan's were in full bloom, as well as just about every other native prairie blossom at Thomas Lake.

Once again, newcomers arrived in full force to check out the buzz of Eagan parkrun.  All in all, we had the pleasure of meeting 12 new first-timers today!  With 61 runners in all this week, Eagan parkrun can now boast 789 individual runners, and a total of 2,776 official finishes at the Thomas Lake course since it's debut in April of 2017.2018-07-29_09-28-35

 First time Eagan parkrunner BRIAN EATON.

For volunteers, we had some wonderful family participation from the Sharp-Jones family, including volunteer VICTORIA SHARP-JONES (who I believe is our youngest at the age of 5) at the finish tokens position.  Victoria proved to be extremely adept in her volunteer role, handing out a total of 61 finish tokens without missing a single runner, and dutifully directing finishers to LINDA KAYE (and her "barkrunner") for barcode scanning.  Victoria was joined by her mom MICHELLE SHARP, dad RAFE JONES (timekeeper), and little sister ISABEL SHARP-JONES (age 2) at the finish funnel giving everyone plenty of encouragement.  Another first-time youth runner was ANDREU VILLA, who came today with his mom, and tore up the course with an impressive 34:26.  Andeu is in the JM10 age category, but is no stranger to running, and has a few official races under his belt already.  Hope to see you again in the weeks to come Andreu!

2018-07-29_10-07-20Parking.  The course was in great shape today, other than some construction equipment and debris in the main school parking lot as resurfacing continues.  Hopefully that will be short-lived.  Since the main lot is part of our regular course, we will likely convert to a 3-loop course through the inner park path if the main lot becomes unusable during the resurfacing project.  In such an event, we will likely meet near the regular finish line (about 150 meters east of the main lot). Runners can use the smaller (upper) school lot adjacent to the main lot on the west side of the school, and the other small parking lot accessible from Pilot Knob Road near the east end of our regular course.

We had a very pleasant surprise today with the return of parkrunner KRISTIN HANSON, who has now relocated to Milwaukee.  Prior to today, Kristen's Eagan parkrun experiences were all in the late fall and winter months.  Today, she was overheard saying, "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful here in the summer!"   We were all glad to see your 1000-watt smile again Kristen, and certainly hope you can visit us whenever you are in town! 20180728_093253


All in all, everything went off this week without a hitch thanks to all of our awesome volunteers.  Thanks everyone!  As always, if you are interested in helping out, we would LOVE to have you.  Just grab a volunteer next week and sign up!  Of course, you can also go to the website and click on the "Volunteer" tab. (NOTE:  if you're reading this, you're already here!)  One of the volunteer positions that sometimes gets overlooked is the photographer.  If you have an eye for capturing action, nature, or just a memorable moment, why not give it a try?  If you have cell phone, you're qualified!  Check out the great shots below by super photographer (and tail runner) MICHELLE PAHL.

parkrun 62 closeup collage

See you next week.  Happy running,


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