Crissy Field parkrun # 181 - 14/07/2018

PosparkrunnerTimeAge CatAge GradeGender PosClubNoteTotal Runs
1Stephen GRANGER-BEVAN17:18SM30-3475.43 %M1First Timer!14
2Christopher CONCANNON17:21SM30-3474.54 %M2New PB!5Strava logo
3Roman SILEN17:24JM15-1777.59 %M3First Timer!1
4Niall LYNCH17:49VM45-4980.17 %M4Donore HarriersFirst Timer!5
5Graham BOOTY18:06VM45-4978.91 %M5Benfleet RCFirst Timer!6
6Ewan CLEMENTSON18:42SM20-2469.70 %M6First Timer!3Strava logo
7Max METCALFE18:46SM25-2968.83 %M7PB stays at 00:18:0968Member of the parkrun 50 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 ClubStrava logo
8Stephen AUSTIN18:55VM45-4977.36 %M8First Timer!60Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
10Cyril CRUA19:05VM40-4472.05 %M10Brighton PhoenixFirst Timer!35Strava logo
11Tom MACWRIGHT19:13SM30-3467.48 %M11First Timer!1Strava logo
12Crispin FLOWERDAY19:38VM35-3969.02 %M12Excelsior Running ClubPB stays at 00:17:4187Member of the parkrun 50 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 ClubStrava logo
13Kaitlyn SPEES19:51SW25-2974.56 %F1PB stays at 00:19:428
14Jackson DAVIS19:53SM30-3465.05 %M13New PB!16Strava logo
15Kris MITCHENER20:18VM45-4971.51 %M14PB stays at 00:19:273
16Moriah BUCKLEY20:19VW40-4475.31 %F2First Timer!1Strava logo
17Simon HASSETT20:28VM45-4970.93 %M15100 Marathon ClubFirst Timer!91Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
18Liz GOTTLIEB20:31VW40-4475.55 %F3Impala Racing TeamPB stays at 00:19:383
19Kevin LUCAS20:42VM45-4970.69 %M16PB stays at 00:19:556
20Shannon BAACK20:44SW18-1972.19 %F4First Timer!1
21Brian SCANLAN20:46VM35-3965.25 %M17Crusaders Athletic ClubPB stays at 00:19:3438Strava logo
22Peter GRANT21:15SM30-3461.41 %M18New PB!4
23David PATTERSON21:23SM30-3461.34 %M19New PB!2
24Dan PIPONI21:25VM50-5469.42 %M20PB stays at 00:20:4123Strava logo
25Ian ROBINSON21:43VM45-4967.38 %M21Carla Gilder FitnessFirst Timer!60Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
26Nakia BAIRD21:46VM40-4464.17 %M22Excelsior Running ClubFirst Timer!1Strava logo
27Phil WALKER21:50VM45-4965.42 %M23First Timer!4Strava logo
28Kenneth ALSTON21:55SM30-3459.85 %M24New PB!18Strava logo
29Abigail FUDGE21:56SW25-2967.48 %F5Windle Valley RunnersNew PB!262Member of the parkrun 250 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
30Ben CURTIS21:57SM30-3458.92 %M25Windle Valley RunnersFirst Timer!109Member of the parkrun 100 Club
31Lauren ROBINSON22:18JW15-1769.51 %F6Macclesfield Harriers & ACFirst Timer!64Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
32David JOYNER22:47VM55-5967.45 %M26PB stays at 00:22:0260Member of the parkrun 50 Club
33Dale HUI22:58SM30-3456.60 %M27PB stays at 00:21:3426
36Karl PFLEGER23:28VM45-4961.86 %M30First Timer!1
37Stephan KIM23:30SM20-2454.89 %M31PB stays at 00:22:454
38Gerry MCGIVNEY23:42VM60-6469.48 %M32First Timer!12
39Lidija KOTULA23:44VW35-3964.04 %F7Wooters RunnersFirst Timer!131Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
41Sandra POLSINELLI24:05VW35-3962.84 %F8New PB!3
42Robert MOWBRAY24:06VM55-5965.98 %M34Ranelagh HarriersFirst Timer!315Member of the parkrun 250 Club
43David MCKENNA24:13VM35-3955.95 %M35New PB!5Strava logo
44Michael DORSI24:15SM30-3454.09 %M36PB stays at 00:21:0753Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
45Joel RIZZO24:25VM50-5461.37 %M37PB stays at 00:23:01110Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 ClubStrava logo
46Sarah GAMBLE24:40SW20-2460.00 %F9New PB!8
47Tim OKE24:50VM50-5460.34 %M38Reading RoadrunnersFirst Timer!190Member of the parkrun 100 Club
48Stephen O'DONOVAN25:00VM40-4456.27 %M39First Timer!70Member of the parkrun 50 Club
49Leilani SILEN25:02JW15-1761.12 %F10First Timer!1
50Katherine WAIT25:04VW45-4966.09 %F11New PB!8Strava logo
51Tricia WALLACE25:11VW55-5974.92 %F12PB stays at 00:23:498Strava logo
52Lydia SIMMONS25:20SW30-3458.49 %F13PB stays at 00:23:008
54Samantha WALTER25:38SW20-2457.74 %F14New PB!7
55Desmond MOYNIHAN25:43VM55-5960.27 %M41PB stays at 00:24:5080Member of the parkrun 50 Club
56Frank NGUYEN25:53SM20-2449.84 %M42PB stays at 00:24:354Strava logo
57Sean BREW25:55VM50-5456.91 %M43First Timer!31
60Tonia ADAM26:30VW45-4959.94 %F15First Timer!47
61Knut MEHR26:45VM50-5456.01 %M46PB stays at 00:25:20119Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
62Phillipa VEITCH26:58VW45-4958.90 %F16Istead and Ifield HarriersFirst Timer!69Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
64Priyanka SOOD27:29SW25-2953.85 %F17New PB!8
65Cepta BURKE27:34VW55-5964.81 %F18First Timer!17
66Rita BUSUTTIL27:39VW40-4456.48 %F19First Timer!153Member of the parkrun 100 Club
67Michael KONSTANTINOFF27:46VM40-4449.16 %M48First Timer!13
68Neill BUTCHER27:49VM55-5955.24 %M49New PB!5
69Mia HARTLEY27:52VW50-5461.66 %F20PB stays at 00:25:5176Member of the parkrun 50 Club
70Max KONSTANTINOFF27:56JM1056.50 %M50First Timer!2
71Benjamin KRAMER28:00JM1058.39 %M51PB stays at 00:25:3929Member of the parkrun 10 Club
72Jordan KRAMER28:00VM45-4951.43 %M52PB stays at 00:24:1234
73Chris JACKSON28:02VM50-5453.45 %M53PB stays at 00:26:2227
74Junaid SULAHRY28:03SM30-3446.23 %M54PB stays at 00:27:289
75Sanjeet SAHOTA28:05SM25-2945.99 %M55New PB!9Strava logo
76Heidi SOKOLOWSKY28:08VW50-5459.60 %F21PB stays at 00:26:31108Member of the parkrun 100 Club
77Jason DU PISANIE28:09VM35-3947.78 %M56First Timer!2
78Daniel ROBINSON28:10JM11-1452.78 %M57Macclesfield Harriers & ACFirst Timer!26Member of the parkrun 10 Club
79Katherine FRENCH28:12VW35-3953.66 %F22Clapham Chasers RCFirst Timer!50Member of the parkrun 50 Club
80Rob ALLEN28:14VM55-5956.32 %M58StragglersFirst Timer!196Member of the parkrun 100 Club
81Simon LAMBERT28:16SM30-3445.75 %M59First Timer!88Member of the parkrun 50 Club
82Laurie LAMBERT28:16SW30-3452.42 %F23First Timer!66Member of the parkrun 50 Club
83Amanda WEBB28:18SW30-3452.53 %F24First Timer!1
84Amy SMITH28:31SW18-1952.07 %F25Desford StridersFirst Timer!24
85Christine VALENTI28:34VW35-3953.21 %F26PB stays at 00:26:3343
86Katherine THOMAS28:42SW30-3451.57 %F27PB stays at 00:25:296
87Ciara METCALFE28:51VW35-3951.82 %F28Golden Gate Tri ClubFirst Timer!1
88Ana SIMOVA28:59SW30-3451.29 %F29First Timer!1
89Naomi SHIMIZU29:12VW50-5457.42 %F30PB stays at 00:28:004
90Ben OXWELL29:20VM35-3945.85 %M60Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can't Run GoodFirst Timer!160Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
91Rebecca ADAMS29:21VW35-3950.94 %F31Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can't Run GoodFirst Timer!17Strava logo
92David HEERAN29:49VM50-5450.25 %M61First Timer!2Member of the parkrun v25 Club
93Claudia CATALANOTTI29:51VW35-3950.70 %F32New PB!2
94Melanie ROBINSON29:53VW45-4953.15 %F33First Timer!54Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
95Robert BRIDGES30:15SM30-3442.75 %M62New PB!64Member of the parkrun 50 Club
96Seema JAIN30:17VW45-4952.45 %F34New PB!9
98Catherine KERSHAW30:24VW55-5958.77 %F35First Timer!166Member of the parkrun 100 Club
99Val WALLWORK30:44VW65-6966.97 %F36First Timer!24
100Ian WALLWORK30:45VM60-6454.04 %M64First Timer!54Member of the parkrun 50 Club
101Henry WALTERS30:55JM1051.05 %M65First Timer!1
102Aiden FULLER31:06JM11-1449.20 %M66First Timer!114Member of the parkrun 100 Club
103Nathaniel MITCHENER31:09JM11-1447.73 %M67First Timer!1
104Megan WALTERS31:29VW40-4449.60 %F37PB stays at 00:29:384
106Debbie SYMANOVICH32:04VW60-6461.38 %F38PB stays at 00:29:3338Strava logo
107Alex ADAM32:37JM15-1742.00 %M69First Timer!22Member of the parkrun 10 Club
108Hyunjin SEO32:48VW45-4949.39 %F39PB stays at 00:31:013
109Ian ADAM32:53VM55-5947.14 %M70First Timer!5
110Maria THOMPSON32:56SW20-2444.94 %F40Bracknell Forest RunnersFirst Timer!47Strava logo
111Cristiana FERREIRA33:08VW35-3945.12 %F41First Timer!39
112Silvia ODONOVAN33:12VW40-4447.39 %F42First Timer!1
113Rita FLYNN33:19VW60-6458.23 %F43First Timer!2
114Jim FULLER33:28VM35-3939.89 %M71First Timer!113Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
115Linda HUI33:32SW30-3444.23 %F44PB stays at 00:25:5925
116Luca DUHIGG33:36JM1050.64 %M72PB stays at 00:30:3132Member of the parkrun 10 Club
117Glenn DUHIGG33:39VM45-4942.15 %M73PB stays at 00:23:1130
118Anke STOMAN33:59SW30-3443.65 %F45First Timer!33
119Paul RYAN34:01VM40-4441.35 %M74Quakers RCPB stays at 00:27:47164Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 ClubStrava logo
120Cheyanne FULLER34:29JW15-1744.95 %F46First Timer!107Member of the parkrun 100 Club
121Mia DUHIGG34:55JW11-1447.64 %F47PB stays at 00:30:2528Member of the parkrun 10 Club
122Martin SEEGER35:24VM70-7449.81 %M75First Timer!1
123April OERTWIG35:58VW40-4443.10 %F48First Timer!1
124Thomas WALTERS39:02VM40-4436.04 %M76First Timer!3
125Eleanor WALTERS39:06JW1046.33 %F49First Timer!1
126Christine RUSS39:30VW50-5444.64 %F50Run VerityFirst Timer!57Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
128Hannah EXTON40:55JW1041.71 %F51First Timer!2
129Lucy EXTON40:57JW1044.24 %F52First Timer!1
130Alison ZADA40:59VW40-4437.33 %F53First Timer!62Member of the parkrun 50 Club
131Annemarie BRIDGES46:45VW60-6440.93 %F54First Timer!6
132Susan MIYAMOTO55:51VW65-6939.21 %F55First Timer!1
133Melvin MIYAMOTO55:52VM70-7431.56 %M78First Timer!1
134Kirsten DUVALL57:22VW50-5429.58 %F56PB stays at 00:23:2042
135Rachel STOCKDALE57:22SW30-3425.92 %F57Bracknell Forest RunnersPB stays at 00:28:0881Member of the parkrun 50 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 ClubStrava logo

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Izzy ADAM, Steve FALCES, Crispin FLOWERDAY, Tammie HOLLAR, Max METCALFE, Steve RAPPORT, Dale ROSE, Heidi SOKOLOWSKY, Rachel STOCKDALE

Why not get involved and volunteer?

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