Now we are six (Run Report #85)

When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

AA Milne, Now we are six.


Some numbers to mark the sixth birthday of parkrun USA.

This week 5-year old Charlie Foley did his 10th parkrun, reaching an official parkrun milestone for under 18s. (He also set a PB for good measure.) Congratulations, Charlie! Charlie is now the 6th member of the Foley family to be a 10 timer.


Meanwhile, Charlie’s brother Jonathan did his 25th parkrun, halfway to earning a fancy red 50-club shirt. Jonathan is the 4th Foley to reach that mini-milestone. Others joining our unofficial 25-parkrun club yesterday were Violet Ridge, Xinzi He, and Anna Tinnemore.


And Steve Feld became our latest member of the parkrun 50 club, for which he got to run in our lovely 50 sash. Steve first joined us on a rainy Christmas Eve 2016, for our smallest ever event. Another first-timer from that day was Adrian Dover, of Newent, UK, who was with us again for his 8th visit from afar (and his 149th parkrun, and another College Park PB!).


Steve’s wife Cindy Feld baked delicious cookies for the celebration. She’s also one of FIVE of yesterday’s crowd who did their 47th-49th runs. Good thing we just ordered a second 50 sash.


We also had 7 new members of our unofficial 5-parkrun club yesterday: Ellen Hamilton (PB!), Doug Meade, Justin Gorinson, Adam Brown, Daniel Bartolo, Lucy Bills, and Michael Cohen. Lucy brought her mom, and Michael brought his daughter. Perfect!


We also reached a volunteering milestone. With this week’s 85th event, over 200 different people have volunteered to help make College Park parkrun free and friendly every week. Together they have volunteered over 1000 times. What a fantastic community! In this picture we have Abdur, who is volunteering every week during Ramadan. Chris and Debbie, who are two of the founders of College Park parkrun. Maia and her brother Alexander, who are sampling all the volunteer roles. And JJ, who next time out will join the official 25-volunteer club (purple shirt!).


You can also volunteer and complete parkrun. This week Aileen Kroll led a busy first-timers briefing. Lisa Wilson welcomed everybody to the turnaround. Mark Shroder was tailwalker. Andrea Zukowski was roving paparazza and volunteer coordinator (and she wore her shiny new red 50 shirt with pride). Drop us a line if you can volunteer some time, with or without the running or walking. It’s easy, and it feels great. If you’re not receiving our once-weekly email with news and updates, then login to your parkrun profile and signup for our volunteer newsletter.


We had 14 named first timers this week, and a record number of “unknown runners”. If you’d like to be included in the results then please sign up online at -- it’s free -- and you can drop us a line to update your record for this week: But we also know that for various reasons some might want to enjoy a free 5k without having their name on a public website, and so feel free to participate anonymously. Do come and introduce yourself to us sometime, anyway.

We were thrilled to see so many people bringing along friends and family this weekend. Do keep spreading the word. One of my favorite first-timer stories was of Sabrina and Susan, NASA summer interns who are living in College Park for the summer. They found out about us via Sabrina’s aunt, a London-based parkrunner who visited us as a parkrun tourist last week. Sabrina is from London, Susan is from Vancouver, and they’re both astrophysicists based in Strasbourg, France. We never know who we’re going to meet when we show up on a Saturday morning.


YOGA IN THE PARK. We’re excited to announce that from next Saturday (June 9th), we’ll be partnering with Prince George’s Parks to bring you FREE Yoga in the Parks every Saturday after parkrun. Run (or walk), rehydrate, then yoga. And then coffee at The Board and Brew if you’re up to it. No need to register, just show up. Please bring a mat if you have one, but we have a few spares.

For me, it was great to be back running at College Park parkrun this weekend. I only got to run once at College Park during February - May, due to a mix of work travels, injuries, and volunteering. In that time I was able to attend a parkrun every Saturday bar one, on a day when I was 800 miles from the nearest event. I got to run in lots of different places and meet interesting people. But there’s nothing like being at home, at a place where I recognize most people as we pass on the trail. It even makes the DC summer weather bearable.



Happy trails!

Colin Phillips

Co-Event Director