Double Birthday (Run Report #69)

This wasn’t the first week College Park parkrunners chose to celebrate their birthday with us, but this week’s double birthdays were particularly fun. Ben Flamm didn’t know it was Violet’s birthday, nor did he know that Violet loves donuts, but he brought donuts to celebrate his own birthday. Likewise, Violet didn’t know it was Ben’s birthday, but by choosing to come to parkrun on her own birthday, she reined in her speedy dad Clark, which gave Ben the pleasure of being First Finisher on his 43rd birthday. Perfect.


We tipped our hats to Kensington parkrun in honor of their first practice run just before our start by having everyone make a K with their bodies, with mixed success. We'll have another chance to do this for the official launch on March. 24th, so practice those Ks!


In other fun this week, on his 30th parkrun, Mayor Patrick Wojahn brought his mom Karen for her second visit to our event. She lives in Wisconsin, and asked when there’s going to be a parkrun there. Karen, at the rate parkrun USA is growing (namely: doubling the number of events and participants every year), that’s bound to happen soon!


John Wilkerson’s run this week puts him in the College Park 25-club, and Cathy Madsen and Carrie Murphy both joined the now-enormous College Park 5-club. Frank Filteau ran his 49th parkrun this week, and you know what that means … a celebration this week! Among our 11 PBs this week, two are standouts, because the more parkruns you do, the harder it is to top your best: Xinzi He managed a PB on her 18th parkrun, and Dom Blom clocked one on her 40th parkrun!

Our volunteers are wonderful every week, but we're even more appreciative when they come out to support you on days as cold as this, when the mercury was barely at 20 degrees. Thanks to Will Bobseine, Gus Campbell, Diana Gough, Nick Huang, Rumi Matsuyama, Hump Plotts, Mark Shroder, Chenae White, and Susan Whitney. And of course we would be nowhere without the on-course help every week of Hump Plotts and Lisa Wilson, especially on these cold, cold days. If you haven't tried your hand yet at volunteering at College Park parkrun, do drop us a line at It's fun, and it's a great way to give back. 

Great weather in store for this weekend, so we'll see you there!

Andrea Zukowski
Run Director