ARHU Day! (Run Report #56)

Have you ever heard of ARHU? College Park parkrunners are in the know, because run #56, which took place on November 4th, 2017, was ARHU Day.

ARHU is short for the University of Maryland’s College of Arts and Humanities. ARHU’s Staff Council advocates for and facilitates a healthy and civil work culture at the College. This semester, the Staff Council has been holding biweekly campus walks during lunch hour, and as a culmination of the walking series, they decided to come out to parkrun. What a nice idea! Check out the photo of some of the ARHU folks who joined in: Julie Gowin, Lorenzo Evans (Chair of the Staff Council), Carlin Bokal, Emily Sheil, and Heather Mundwiler. Come back any time, guys!


Andrea Zukowski, Colin Phillips, and Nick Huang were all away this week. They were at a professional conference in Boston, although they did check out a local parkrun that’s in the planning stages. Meanwhile, Jim, Ian, and Thomas Parsons all did their first parkrun away from College Park, attending the inaugural of Anacostia parkrun, just a short drive down the BW Parkway.You know how they say that while the cats are away the mice will play? Well, play we did! 100 attendees, 18 first timers, 32 PBs, four dogs. One milestone: Kidus Hailemichael joined the junior 10 run club. Twelve volunteers. No newborns this week. No parkrun tourists.



Our first timers this week were Lee Babcock, Roman Kastin, Brandon Saravia, Julie Gowin, Emily Sheil, Carlin Bokal, Newton Kendig, Kevin Saravia, Angela Gentile, Katie Murtough, Constantino Patricio, Liz Leahy, Doug Kerr, Katherine Kirklin, Tessie Aikara, Shayla Chelliah, Rhonda Summey, and Denise Mitchell. We hope you all had a great time, and we can’t wait to see you again on the course! If you were a first timer but had not registered in time at, never fear. If you register for your free barcode (it’s fast!) and then drop us a line ( we can do our best to update.


A special shout out is in order for first-timer Denise Mitchell. Denise joined us this week together with 18-timer Dustyn Kujawa. On Tuesday Denise was elected to College Park City Council, and Dustyn was re-elected to the council. Both of them represent the district that our course passes through. Thank you, and congratulations! ... Actually, further congratulations are in order for parkrunners Patrick Wojahn (re-elected as mayor), PJ Brennan (re-elected to city council) and Kate Kennedy (newly elected to city council).

An electoral landslide for the parkrun party!


Let’s talk about PBs. You know how much we love to mention by name everyone who has achieved a PB. But when you draw 100 attendees and a third get a PB, it gets more challenging. So hearty congratulations to all of you! If you aren’t sure if congratulations are in order for you, check out the results table. You also can check to see if congratulations are in order for your friends, colleagues, or relatives. If they are, don’t forget the high-five and fist-bump the next time you see the deserving individual. Rest assured that we parkrun organizers do keep an eye on the achievements of the regular parkrunners, and it’s really cool to see when people set a new PB, sometimes week after week.


We do want to give a shout out to folks reaching official or unofficial milestones this week. Nobody reached 50 parkruns this week, but Lisa Wilson did her 48th, so we are on high cake alert status for a couple of weeks from now. For the first time we had 3 people do their 25th parkruns on the same day: Anouk Dieuleveut, Chris McGranahan, and Sam McGranahan. These three are true stalwarts and have really done more than 25, as they were regular participants in our 33 proto-parkruns that we held before the event became official.


We had a large crop of new 10-timers this week. In addition to Kidus Hailemichael, who as an under 18 gets an official parkrun milestone shirt for his efforts, we had grownups Finiana Joseph, Aileen Kroll, Erin Munsell, Gloria Cottman, Doug Hamilton, Paul Kittredge, and Jay Bao. Cathy Flynn was the one new member of our unofficial 5-run club this week.


We love love love our volunteers! This week, Jim Cantwell was on scanning, Wei Chen handed out finisher tokens, and Maria Castellanos Vaquero, Steve Feld, and Cindy Feld were our timekeepers. Ellen Hamilton was our tailwalker. As usual, Lisa Wilson was at the turnaround and Hump Plotts protected us at the golf course driveway. In addition, Lisa and Hump kindly transported the Big Blue Bag of parkrun Necessities to wherever it needed to be. Anna Tinnemore sorted tokens at Board and Brew. A second shout out is in order for Anna - she helped me process results (with Colin chiming in as well via phone from Boston). Our photos came from Lisa, Ellen, and yours truly, and you can find them here. But if you want to see some really awesome parkrun photos, take another look at last week’s collection from UMD’s Lisa Helfert.


Before I wrap it up, I want to alert you to two totally awesome College Park parkrun events that are happening very soon.

Saturday, November 11: Tree Planting Day with PG Parks!
We love our 5K course, but there's no denying that our start/finish area is exposed to the elements, especially in the summer. Antonia Bookbinder of Prince George’s County Parks & Recreation is doing us a huge favor by arranging for trees for our start/finish line. Just one condition: we provide the tree planters. Planting starts around 10am, immediately after parkrun. Up to 40 people can volunteer. If you’d like to volunteer, send an email to We’re expecting a chilly morning, so bring warm gear. (We’ll also bring handwarmers to help.)

Saturday, November 18: Kids Takeover Day!
It’s true, the kids are going to be in charge. And the grown-ups have to listen to them. You won’t want to miss this one. (p.s. Sorry kids, you cannot borrow the car keys. Grown-ups will still be handling driving-related activities.) We still have some volunteer slots available, if you know a younger parkrunner who would like to join the fun.

See you next time!
Pam Marcus