Magic in the Air (Run Report #51)

Saturday in the park was all a buzz about what “Quidditch” was, how it’s played sans-broomsticks, or if a certain Harry would be joining parkrun. The 100 runners, walkers, and volunteers coming out for College Park parkrun knew where the real fun was. Parking was an unexpected challenge, but thanks to Andrea Zukowski and Jen Murphy, who leapt in to help direct people, parkrun went off with no dark magic.

quidditchThe Quidditch match wasn't the only magic in the air. We were presented with a truly wonderful weather day by the parkrun weather fairy ( With nice fall temperatures, we saw a whole lot of PBs (27!) falling, as well. 20170930_091516

The many PBs included (deep breath ...): Janice Bernache, Hanna Birnir, Daysi Cruz, Angela Dadak, Cindy Doyle, Liam Edmonds-Moore, Emily Flamm, Charlie Foley, Greg Gorman, Paul Kittredge, Christian Knapp, Alex Limarzi, Kristen Limarzi, Michael McClellan, Theresa Mittendorff, Steven Moore, Erin Munsell, Joanie Myles, Jim Parsons, Maggie Pooley, Karen Prestegaard, Schuyler Price, Austin Rios-Colon (age-category record!), Dan Sarmiento, Camryn Thompson, Anna Tinnemore, and Andrew Widman. Michael McClellan’s run stands out because it was an age category record in the 80-84 division. Nice!

IMG_20170930_093508If you are a College Park parkrun regular, you know we love to celebrate - Saturday was no exception. We had sister and brother combo Colette and Jonathan Foley reach their 10 parkrun milestone! Congrats you two! A fun nugget: as a family, the Foleys hit 50 combined parkruns. If only that came with a t-shirt that everyone could fit into. 4-year old Charlie Foley completed his second not-in-a-stroller parkrun, and the whole family was there to cheer him on. IMG_1148

Another junior parkrunner reaching the 10-run milestone was Liam Edmonds-Moore. This one slipped under the radar, as Liam is a regular at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in DC. Congratulations, Liam! We hope you managed to get some of the delicious cake that Andrea baked.

20170930_093235In unofficial milestones news, many grownups reached notable points en route to the official parkrun milestones. Jim Parsons and James Moreland both did their 25th College Park parkrun (for James it was his 48th overall). Bridget Pooley and Jake Foley did their 10th run with us. And new 5-timers included Hanna Birnir, Kristin Poinar, Andrew Widman, Erin Munsell, Barbara Gusack, and Theresa Mittendorff. 20170930_093112

We also we lucky enough to celebrate a gathering of the DC contingent of parkrun USA at The Board and Brew. We love the community aspect of parkrun, and you saw it on full display at B&B. Three teams (Roosevelt Island, Fletcher's Cove, and College Park) enjoyed coffee, breakfast, and conversation together as they worked to update and post the day’s results. We also welcomed Tom Williams, parkrun global COO, into our expanded community and celebrated big parkrun milestones by our friends, father/daughter Andres and Stefania Falconer - 100 and 50 parkruns respectively! Of course, we did all this celebrating with cake.


A picture perfect day was made more perfect by the wonderful volunteers. Golf course marshal this week was Hump Plotts. Turn around marshal Lisa Wilson. Tail walker was Barbara Gusack. Time keepers this week were Jenn Augsburger and John Way. Finish tokens given out by Gus Campbell. Barcodes were scanned by Jim Cantwell. And of course the wonderful photos taken by our photographers Jen Murphy, Lisa Wilson, and Colin Phillips.


A reminder of upcoming attractions at College Park parkrun. We’ll run at 9am every week, just as we do all year round, but there are a few special add-ons. Drop us a line if you’re interested in teaming up with

  • October 7th: Prince George’s Running Club Day at parkrun
  • October 21st: first birthday celebration!
  • October 28th: UMD Homecoming 5k at College Park parkrun
  • November 4th: UMD ARHU Day (arts & humanities) at College Park parkrun. A great day for walking groups to check us out.
  • November 11th: tree planting at the start/finish with Prince George’s Parks
  • November 18th: Kid Takeover Day! (know somebody who can help? Let us know.)
  • November 25th: post-Thanksgiving parkrun. Bring the family.

See you all on the next parkrunday!

Brian Murphy