“Never mind, you’ll find someone like you” (Run Report #24)

This week we came very close to breaking our Saturday attendance record: 82 people started their weekend with some exercise, fresh air, greenery, and camaraderie. That included a whopping 30 first timers. As our weekly attendance has grown, our diversity has grown in every way possible. If you ever worried that you might not fit in at our event, heed Adele's advice:

"Never mind, you'll find someone like you."

Our first timers this week included 3 friends from Silver Spring, Clark Ridge's whole family, Joe Limarzi's whole family, the Venable family, extra people from the Fit for Christ group, and many more.


To all of our first timers, I would like to say, again paraphrasing Adele: "Don't underestimate the things that you will do." You can achieve so much when you consistently work at something, and parkrun's predictable presence once a week gives you the easiest way possible to form a new healthy habit. If you don't believe me, consider the progress some of our repeat parkrunners have made:

  • 23 of our 82 parkrunners today set a new PB for themselves (actually, since 30 of you were first timers, and therefore could not have set a PB, it's really 23/52, so practically half of our returners)
  • Steve Hendrix and Tsegaab Hailemichael have each set a new PB every time they have visited CP parkrun (5 times for Steve, 4 for Tsegaab)
  • Trinidad Molina and Aaron Visnic each bested their previous PB by 2 minutes
  • Colin Phillips has set a new PB every time he has run CP parkrun since Christmas (that's 9 PBs in a row)
  • Cindy Cohen makes the rounds at all 3 greater DC parkruns and with today's PB at College Park, she has now done 37 all told. She's getting close to earning her free "50 parkruns" milestone t-shirt.
  • James Moreland, who also visits all 3 parkruns, completed his 31st parkrun with us yesterday; it was also his fastest ever.
  • There are now 75 people who have completed CP parkrun 5 times or more. Lots of people joined this unofficial club yesterday: Rachel Lukens, Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, Steve Hendrix, Connie Visnic, Cindy Feld, Dave Vause, Tara Mease, and Xander Mease.
  • There are now 22 people who have completed CP parkrun 10 times or more. 3 people joined this unofficial club this week: Kirk Gordon, Colin Phillips, and Patrick Wojahn. 


Three people deserve a special shout out for breaking our course record for their age categories this week: first timer Travis Boltjes, Larry Washington, and Clare Imholtz. Congratulations, you speed demons!

collage_agecat_recordsWe had two visitors from PG Parks this week: Anthony Nolan and Antonia Bookbinder from the Special Programs Division. Anthony will be leading the tree planting project right next to our start this coming Saturday, April 1st. Anthony and Antonia were excited to experience parkrun in person, and are full of ideas about how we can further develop the partnership between PG Parks and parkrun, and they would love to help with signage, solutions for shade, and scoping out new areas of the PG Parks trail system for potential new parkrun routes. We love PG Parks! And who's the person in the 3rd picture below? Why, that's Geoffrey Mason of Montgomery County Parks, who scored a nice sub-20 PB on his 2nd CP parkrun this week.


What's coming up this Saturday, April 1st?

We welcome you to join the tree planting project yourself!  Register here: https://vpaf.umd.edu/current-projects/good-neighbor-day (click on "volunteer"). For the planting project, you do NOT have to go to the CP Community Center--neither before nor after. Just come to the parkrun start, check in with the Good Neighbor Day staff before parkrun begins, and then stick around after parkrun. Project is 10am-12pm. By noon I will really be ready for Board and Brew. The  more company, the better, so please come join me and the other GND volunteers for this project!

Speaking of volunteers, hats off to this week's volunteer crew! Parkrun would simply not be possible without them. Please opt in to our volunteer appeals by following the instructions on this week's results that were emailed to you. Many of you have signed up already, and our hearts skip a beat when we see new names appearing on the volunteer list. A huge thank you this week to:

Cindy "Course Record Holder" Conant

Clark "Catch me if you can" Ridge

Colin "I'm working on it, Clark" Phillips

Hump "Zebra Stripes" Plotts

Jim "Track Coach" Parsons

Jane "Walk this Way" Hopkins

Gus "Runs a weather station in his backyard for fun" Campbell

Lisa "What else can I do to help?" Wilson

Nick "Results guru" Huang


Andrea "What would Saturday be like without parkrun?" Zukowski collage_volunteers

The last word this week goes to Adele:

"Don't forget your barcode."

(well, this isn't a line from an Adele song just yet, but I understand she's working on it.)

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See you Saturday!