More milestones and PBs (Run Report #112)

It's December! Where did all the time go?


Judging from the photo, I think it's safe to say that for many of you, at least some of it went to parkrun. We had 104 parkrunners on Saturday, of which 19 had earned the 50 red t-shirt, all of whom are regulars at this course. Two of them marked milestones: Duane Rosenberg ran his 50th, and veteran turn-around marshal Lisa Wilson completed her 100th parkrun, which was her 99th parkrun at College Park. (More below on celebrations coming up this week.)

I might point out for the record that with Saturday's parkrun, we now have two local mayors who are in the 50-club. Duane is mayor of New Carrollton, and the other is Patrick Wojahn, mayor of College Park. I am not aware of any other parkruns in the US having two regulars who are mayors, much less two mayors who are in the 50-club. This is a record we are likely to keep for a while, I think. That's a mark of a healthy community.

All eyes are now on you, Andy Fellows (former mayor of College Park).


And I might point out that this is my 50th volunteer stint. Please consider volunteering! No volunteers = no parkrun. Plus, we know that everyone looks good in a yellow or orange vest! (OK, that last sentence is probably false. But you need to put one on to decide whether that holds true for you.)

Another remarkable fact about Saturday's parkrun was the fact that we saw 25 PBs. That's one in four parkrunners! Here's the official list, from least to most experienced: John Maneval, Laura Tiffany, Jessica Rojas, Cindy Flores, Moira Abenethy, Lillian Hawala and Erica Olmsted-Hawala, Wendy Young, Matt Gembecki, Magdalena Duhagon, Julian Gordon, Abba Milkii, Tomas Marambio, Mary Miner, Meghan Gieske, Lucas Aguilera Kelley, Eric Pino, Frank Snyder, Carly Mills (cheered on by her sister Erin), Daniel Walker, Dan Sarmiento, Valerie Silensky, Marc and Alexander Swisdak, and John Ramsey. The bell seemed to be ringing non-stop!


While we congratulated Duane, Lisa, and our PB-setters, we also welcomed seven first timers: Stepanie Baynham, Sandra Roper, Cathelyn Wang, Jacob Hyman, Jayna Resman, Firehun Necha, and Elizabeth Fellows (who came along with Andy), and a visitor from across town: Cory Kind (also a PB), who usually runs at either Roosevelt Island or Livonia, MI. We hope to see you back soon!

There were also some of you who were reaching unofficial milestones, en route to the ones that get you a spiffy free parkrun shirt. Keri Pierce is the newest member of our 25-timer club. Keri was wearing her Howarts hat this week, so 5 points for Gryffindor! We saw 4 new 10-timers: Mary Miner (PB!), Jorge Aguilera, and Ben and Meghan Gieske (PB!).

Finally, our volunteers. In particular, there are three people I would like to acknowledge: Misha Bernard, who stepped up the last minute to serve as timekeeper. Nan Shellabarger had never been to parkrun before, but decided that she would try volunteering and did a great job scanning barcodes with Joel Goldberg, who has stepped in to help with barcode scanning for more than a few times. And of course, thanks to the rest of the crew at the finish line -- Steve Feld (timekeeper), Kim Fisher (tokens), Colin Phillips (photos, cheering) -- and on the course -- Jake Foley and daughter Elizabeth (tailwalking and photos), Andrea Zukowski (photos, communications, etc), Hump Plotts and Lisa Wilson (marshals).


On that note, I also want to point out that this coming Saturday (Dec 8) is Lisa's 100th parkrun at College Park (and her 101st parkrun). So please come and congratulate her. There will be cake!

Further ahead, take note of our New Years Resolution parkrun & Double parkrun. On January 1st we'll be celebrating  the start of 2019 with a 10:30am special parkrun, in conjunction with our friends at Prince George's Running Club. We invite you to also do a special double parkrun by joining the 8:30am events at Kensington parkrun, or Leakin Park parkrun (Baltimore), or possibly  more. Then afterwards there will  be a big New Years parkrun brunch  at The Board and Brew, where we'll be welcoming parkrun friends from across the region.

Nick Huang

Double Helping (Run Reports #110 & #111)

Thanksgiving is about friends, and family, and about getting an extra serving of things we like. This Thanksgiving we certainly enjoyed, friends, family, and an extra slice of parkrun. We held our first ever Thanksgiving Day parkrun, plus our regular Saturday gathering. And so we’re doing a double-header run report this week.

With 99 finishers on Thursday and 90 on Saturday we had 189 finishers this week. 27 finished both days, and a further 7 volunteered one day and ran one day. That’s a lot of people taking part, despite it being the coldest Thanksgiving in the DC area for a long time.

We had a LOT of things to celebrate this Thanksgiving.


On Saturday Gus Campbell and Cindy Cohen became the first “home-grown” CP parkrunners to join the 100 club. Cindy started parkrunning downtown at Fletcher’s Cove in February 2016, but has done most of her parkruns at CP. Cindy is a great supporter of the local running community, especially through Prince George’s Running Club. Gus started parkrunning at our very first event in October 2016, at which point he said that he had barely run in 50 years, since he was in the military. Since then he has run 100 times, plus 5 days as a non-running volunteer. That’s an impressive turn-around. We already had a black 100 sash on hand, but luckily a second one arrived in the mail Friday afternoon. CP-parkrun-111-9

Meanwhile, on Thursday Gus’s daughter Jen Murphy reached her 50 parkrun milestone and ran with the red sash … just a few days after she ran in the purple superhero cape for volunteering for the 25th time. And on Saturday Gus’s other daughter Jessica Gerbig did her 10th parkrun, pushing Gus’s granddaughter Cora in the stroller. Quite the week!


Another milestone: on Saturday Hump Plotts did his 100th volunteer role (spread across 97 events). But on Thursday he got to see the pre-run gathering for the very first time. He’s normally waiting for us at the golf course, so he doesn’t see the crowd. The driveway was closed for Thanksgiving, so he came over to join us, took the bullhorn, and wished everybody a happy Thanksgiving. Fantastic!


Meanwhile, on Saturday Hump and Lisa brought along Lisa’s dad Jim, who accompanied Lisa on her regular parkrun jaunt. No biggie, except that Jim is 100 years old. The stats-inclined might be interested to know that this makes him the oldest US parkrunner (by far), and likely the slowest ever at CP. But really it’s just inspiring that Jim is able to walk 3 miles with his daughter at age 100. Hands up if you’d love to be able to do that! CP-parkrun-111-86

We wanted to ensure that Jim would stay warm. So Hump brought along a mug of hot chocolate, and handed it off to Colin as he ran past. Luckily the lid was solid, so the hot chocolate did make it to the turnaround. And Cotter and Tomas got to enjoy the experience of running down the trail paced by an old bald dude who was carrying a mug of hot chocolate.

CP-parkrun-111-15  We welcomed many first timers, from near and far. On Thursday David Piper joined us from London, UK. David is what is known as a parkrun “uber tourist”, as he visits as many different events as possible. David has now done 310 *different* parkruns among his 386 parkruns, making him the most traveled parkrunner to visit CP parkrun. Though we’ll note that parkrun founder and overall star Paul Sinton-Hewitt remains the most traveled parkrunner to visit CP parkrun and actually stay for coffee and to chat with the natives. CP-parkrun-110-113

We were very happy on Thursday to welcome visitors from local parkruns that were not offering a Thanksgiving event. Jennifer Flather is one of the organizers of the Anacostia parkrun. She got to meet Neil and share some Navy stories. Kat joined us from Roosevelt Island parkrun. And Dave Scarnato joined us from Fletcher’s Cove. Turns out, Dave works for a local TV station, so he quietly captured some video at the run, and it featured on WUSA9 TV later that day.


And we were really happy to welcome a lot of family and friends over the holidays. Alina Zhang’s mom Wei was visiting from China. Ashley Ward’s dad was visiting. And Clark Ridge’s dad Doug was visiting from Delaware, so Clark got to tear around the course on Thursday while Granddad got some quality time on the trail with Violet. CP-parkrun-110-171


We saw 24 PBs over the two days.   Adrianne Bradford and Magdalena Duhagon deserve a special shout out. Both did their 5th PB in 5 parkruns. Impressive. In Adrianne’s case she’s now 15 minutes faster than first time out. For 2 years Magdalena had been staying home while husband Eddie Matus became one of our most regular parkrunners. We’re thrilled that she’s now part of the community and we’re loving watching her progress. CP-parkrun-110-133


Francis Parks seems to be on a real streak right now, and set another big PB on Thursday. And on Saturday Eric London took a chunk from his parkrun PB. Not easy to do when you’re on the wiser side of 50 and running your 64th parkrun. Similar big improvement by Aaliyah Al Amin and Kimberly Cruce on Thursday. CP-parkrun-110-46


Other PBs were Stewart Mayhew, Michael Laing, Derek Symer, Külli Puusta, Justin Bridgman, Teresa Perdomo, Janice Bernache, Jim Cantwell, Marvin Perdomo, Marta Laskowski, Hannah Collins, Delia Reyes, Maria Ialacci, Dottie Li, Marcia Abrams, Sherell Fuller, Angela Perdomo, and Teresa Bippus.


Lots of people reached unofficial milestones this week. Joel Goldberg, Trace Huard, and Janice Bernache all did their 25th run with us. Halfway to 50! CP-parkrun-111-54

We saw 6 new members of our unofficial 10-parkrun club: Teresa Perdomo, Justin Bridgman, Andrew Widman, Alina Zhang, Ken Witcher, and Ben Brosch.


And we saw *13* new members of our unofficial 5-parkrun club: Rob Gerbig, Matt Laskowski, Doug Ridge, Kimberly Cruce, Adrianne Bradford, Kristen Wares, Marcia Abrams, Matt Gembecki, Derek Symer, Juan Saavedra, Noe Saavedra, Magdalena Duhagon, and Angela Perdomo.


One more category of notables: in November we had 5 parkrun days. 28 people finished 4 or 5 times in November. Nice! They are Magdalena Duhagon, Noe Saavedra, Angela Perdomo, Teresa Perdomo, Meghan Gieske, Maria Ialacci, Frank Snyder, Kalonji Collins, Helena Santos-Collins, Külli Puusta, Duane Rosenberg, Carlos Chaverri, Jim Cantwell, Aileen Kroll, Eddie Matus, Yancira Amaya, JJ Su, Gus Campbell, Nick Huang, Cindy Cohen, Cotter Rosenberg, Anna Tinnemore, Dagne Ture, Russ Dickerson, John Ramsey, Frank Filteau, Lisa Wilson, and Dom Blom. CP-parkrun-110-53


There will be 5 parkrun days in December, too. Can you complete at least 4 of them?   Of course, there would be no parkrun without our wonderful volunteers. Thanks to Elmer Hernandez for volunteering for the first time. Elmer got to see what many others have seen before: it’s really kind of fun to be in the middle of the action, coordinating with the other volunteers, giving high fives, and generally feeling part of something good for the community. Over 250 of you have tried volunteering at College Park parkrun already. It’s totally, well, voluntary, but we highly recommend it. CP-parkrun-111-105

Our other volunteers this week included a cast of heroic stalwarts: Dan Walker, Brian Murphy, and JJ Su did timing. Zoe Phillips, Jake Foley, Lori Dominick, Marc Swisdak, and Jim Parsons ensured that everybody got their finish token and barcode scanned, and Saul Goldberg and Nick Huang were troubleshooters. Ben Brosch and Diana Gough (and Ruby) were tailwalkers and tailwaggers. Lisa Wilson and Hump Plotts filled the role of, well, Lisa and Hump. They’re rather good at it at this point. And Andrea and Colin shared the run directing, volunteer wrangling, and propagandist roles.



On Thursday The Board and Brew was closed for Thanksgiving. We’re so grateful to the B&B crew for welcoming us every week. After 109 weeks of working through results at B&B it felt odd to be doing it at the kitchen table at home. Join us any week that you’re available for a post-parkrun chat and brunch. CP-parkrun-110-189

And if you’re still with us at the end of this bumper report, here are a couple more news items.

1. Know of friends in other places who would like to enjoy what we have in College Park every Saturday? parkrun USA is expanding, and looking to connect people in different cities who would like to start a parkrun in their community. This week they shared a story and a map of possible locations. Ask Andrea or Colin if you have any useful leads.

2. Congratulations to regular parkrunner Bonnie McClellan who has been named by the University of Maryland’s Office of Community Engagement as their “Community Champion” ofr 2018. Bonnie lights up the city, just as she lights up the trail with us on a Saturday.


3. Mark your diaries for the special New Years Double parkrun on January 1st. Kensington parkrun and Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore will both be holding 8:30am events. Then we’ll be welcoming folks from across the region to College Park for a 10:30am parkrun, followed by a big brunch at The Board and Brew. It’s the biggest parkrun party of the year, so do join us: run, walk, or volunteer once or twice, or just join us for brunch. We’ll be happy to see you either way.

4. Interested in helping out as part of our rotating crew of run directors? Or do you have social media skills that you could put to good use spreading the word about CP parkrun? We’d love to hear from you.

See you next Saturday! We’ll be celebrating better weather, the start of December, and a milestone for Duane Rosenberg (50). Run Director Nick Huang will be volunteering for the 50th time, too. See you there!

Colin Phillips



New normal (Run Report #109)

This week in the DMV we really saw the shift in seasons. Snow is not something we talk about in this area until at least December, and even that seems early. Well, Mother Nature has her own plans and we got that hit of winter weather the Thursday before parkrun. We rebounded well, though, and by Saturday we had a beautiful Fall morning for 120 finishers.

Everything about Saturday seemed like your normal Saturday parkrun. Friends gathering a few minutes before the start, barkrunners played among the kids, first-timers came to ask what this was all about and what the barcodes were for, parkrun tourists introduced themselves, volunteers donned their hi-vis vests, and a community of walkers and runners formed as it has for the last 2+ years on this trail. This all felt normal. You hear a lot lately about the “new normal”, and it often has a negative connotation behind it. Well, this is my new normal - an amazing, diverse community of family, friends, and neighbors enjoying each other and parkrun. On a day like today less than two years ago, we would have been thrilled to break 50 parkrunners, but 120 now feels normal.


Besides celebrating this new normal, we had a few other reasons to celebrate this parkrun. College Park parkrun had their first person to hit the 100 parkrun mark. John Jensenius joined our community a few months back after running most of his parkruns at Oxford parkrun. He was able to take the black 100 sash on its inaugural spin. We are thrilled to have you with us, John. Congratulations on #100! Now that College Park parkrun is over the century mark, we’re expecting to see a few of these 100s coming up. Stay tuned!



We also celebrated a special 25 volunteer. Jen Murphy tailwalked this week, which was a perfect change of pace from her marathon the week before, and earned her 25th volunteer gig in the process. The purple cape looks great on you, Jen! This 25 volunteer milestone is another spot where I’m expecting a number of people hitting pretty soon. Could we be seeing lots of purple shirts in our community in the spring? I think so.


We also like to give shout-outs for our unofficial milestones. Maria Cecil and Helena Santos-Collins both did their 25th parkruns. Halfway to the 50 club already! Sharyn Gordon, Maria Ialacci, Caroline Molieri, and Jefferson Ruiz all joined us for the 10th time. Dagne Ture was the one new member this week of our unofficial 5-parkrun club.


We welcomed 19 first-timers this week. That’s also fairly normal these days. We saw some more families. Steven Moore and his son Liam this week brought along the rest of the family - welcome to Amanda Edmonds and James Edmonds-Moore. John Maneval and his daughter Vivian joined us, as did Sam Hawala together with Lilian and Jeremy. Our most seasoned parkrunner of the day was Paul Parker, who has run most of his 210 parkruns at Killerton parkrun in Exeter, UK. We were also happy to welcome Laura Patsko, whose home parkrun is Cambridge, UK.



Maybe a whole bunch of PBs are the new normal, too. We saw our fair share on Saturday. First across the line and first to get a new PB was Niko Fedkin at 18:12. Just barely a minute back was Cotter Rosenberg who has been knocking off PBs seemingly every week. Maybe he just loves to ring that PB bell. The fact that he still had so much spring in his step at the 4k mark suggests that there’s more to come from Cotter. The PB bell got a workout this Saturday. Isaac Scott got to ring it again, as did Daniel Walker, Emily Jensenius, Frank Snyder, Caroline Molieri, Meghan Gieske, Charlie Foley, Larissa Olson, Sarah Treado, Justin Bridgman, Marcia Abrams, Finn Ward, Carrie Murphy, Magdalena Duhagon (4 in 4!), Helena Santos-Collins, and Dominique Blom.





A special shout out for Janet Tate, her daughter Tara Mease, and her grandson Xander Mease. This may be the first time that we’ve seen 3 generations set a PB on the same day.



Also, kudos to Lilly Ridge, who ducked under 40 minutes for the first time, and had the distinction of being the first finisher named Ridge. No mean feat in that family.


Congratulations everyone! I love hearing that bell ring loud (and often!).

I also love all our volunteers each and every week. This week’s superheros were Casey Allen, Saul Goldberg, Kayla Hayes, Nick Huang, Eric London, Tomas Marambio, Erin Munsell, Jennifer Murphy, Colin Phillips, Hump Plotts, Clark Ridge, Abigail Santoni, Lisa Wilson, and, of course, Andrea Zukowski. As we head into Thanksgiving week, our ever-changing volunteer crew gives me a lot to be thankful for. Our growing community always comes through when we need a volunteer to fill one of these roles - for that I’m very thankful!


Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope I’ll see many of you for our special Thanksgiving parkrun. Lots to be thankful for! We’ll be meeting at the usual time, usual place, usual price, and with the usual swag (friends!) on Thursday November 22nd. Then we’ll be back at it at our regular Saturday time on November 24th. It’s a perfect time to bring along family or friends. The only difference is that on Thursday we’ll be skipping the regular post-parkrun coffee, so that the Board & Brew folks can get to Grandma’s house on time.

Alternatively, you could do one of this week’s parkruns with our friends at Kensington parkrun instead - they’ll be holding two events. Or at any of the DMV parkruns that are all taking place on Saturday. Or if you’ll be traveling elsewhere in the US, you now have more and more parkruns to visit. If you do, do send pictures!

-Brian Murphy

[Ed - we would also like to congratulate Brian for putting in an amazing run in last week's Richmond Marathon, with a 2:55 clocking. It's impressive that he was able to climb onto the stool for the run briefing this week.]


Blown away! (Run Report #108)

Most weeks your parkrun volunteer team trade bets on how many parkrunners will come along that day. With lower temps and a strong breeze that brought the word “windchill” back from its summer rest, everybody expected a smaller crowd this week. And at 8:50 this seemed like a good call. But then as 9:00 approached the park filled with smiling faces and suddenly we were feeling entirely warm and fuzzy, thank you very much.


After a 5k on the trail we were feeling nicely warmed up, but a few minutes after finishing we weren’t feeling quite so toasty. So we’d like to give special thanks to the volunteers and everybody else who stayed around to cheer in every single finisher this week.

For CP parkrun we had 119 finishers, with 17 first timers and 19 PBs.

Some first-timers join us because they were looking around online for running events and found us. That’s how newcomer Stewart Mayhew found us. Stewart started running just a few months ago and is making great progress.


Many first-timers join us because a friend brings them along. That’s how this week’s first-finisher Chris Teter found us, as he came together with CP parkrun regular and St John’s teammate Austin Rios-Colon.


Some first timers join us because they’re dedicated parkrun tourists who are looking for an interesting event to add to their collection. That’s how Shamiso Sisimayi found us. Shamiso normally runs at Woodhouse Moor parkrun in Leeds, UK, one of the world’s oldest parkruns. Last week she set a course record at the new Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun in New Jersey, as a warm-up to the next day’s New York City Marathon. This week she ran to parkrun, zipped around the course, then ran back to her hotel to get ready for her flight home.


As it happens, 4 seconds behind Shamiso was Bernard Kelly, who also was recovering from last week’s NYC Marathon. You may recall that Bernard did a lot of volunteering at parkrun earlier this year while fending off injuries, so it’s great that he was able to bounce back strongly enough to run a marathon.


We celebrated one official parkrun milestone this week. 7-year old Lucas Aguilera Kelley joined his brother Diego in the 10 club by running around the course with his dad. We’re hoping that the white 10 club shirts (for under 18s only) will be in stock soon, as we know that so many of our junior parkrunners are waiting to order them. But we’re honestly not sure when this will happen. Fingers crossed!


A number of people reached unofficial milestones. Joel Goldberg did his 25th parkrun, making him halfway to 50. Sharon Chi, Lucas Aguilera Kelley, Bernard Kelly, Bryan Koen, and Eric Pino all are now 10-timers at College Park. Britain Bruner, Sallie McElrath, and Francisco Reyes are now 5-timers at College Park. The family keeps on growing! This week we expect to see the 2500th person register for a barcode at College Park parkrun.



Lots of PBs this week. They included John Jensenius, who was running his 99th parkrun. Next week he’ll become the first College Park regular to join the 100-parkrun club. (How did he do this while keeping a fairly low profile? By doing the first 80 or so at Oxford parkrun in the UK. But we’re delighted that he and Emily now call College Park parkrun home.)


Tara and Xander Mease took more time from their PBs, and they always look like they’re having fun. Austin Rios-Colon returned for the first time in a while and took a full minute from his PB. That’s not so easy to do when you’re already as fast as Austin, but the HS cross-country training must be helping.


Francis Parks has been on a PB streak lately, and he continued the streak this week. Hannah Collins was paced by her dad Kalonji, who took a break from setting PBs of his own to pace Hannah to a three and a half minute PB (!).



Meghan Gieske continued her tear of PBs with yet another chunk of improvement. Magdalena Duhagon and Angela Perdomo have been 3 times, and have set 3 PBs. Abba Milkii can go one better than that: he has now run 4 times in 4 consecutive weeks and has set a PB every time. Jair Jackson is also on a 4 parkrun PB streak.



parkrun is about much more than setting PBs. It’s great if you just enjoy a run with friends or family. But if you’re looking to get faster, we do enjoy seeing your progress.




It’s getting to the season where we start bringing along hand warmers for the parkrun volunteers, so we’re especially grateful to this week’s crew. UMD students Judy Choi, Lindsay Kaufman, Monica Polanco, and Casey Schweber joined us as tailwalkers and part of the finish-line crew this week, simply because they wanted to help out. They did great, and we were thrilled to have them be a part of our crew. Larry Washington took a break from his running comeback to do timekeeping, joined after his run by Bernard Kelley. Hump and Lisa wrapped up warm to look out for you along the course. And Jim Parsons kept everything running smoothly as run director. Thanks to all of  the volunteers this week!


We’ll be back at the same time, same place next week for parkrun #109. Don’t forget that we have our first ever Thanksgiving morning parkrun on Thursday November 22nd. We know that some of you have schedule conflicts on Saturdays, and some of you will have friends and family in town. So this will be a great opportunity to introduce some new people to our warm, healthy community. And, as usual, the price just cannot be beaten.

See you soon!



Trees! (Run Report #107)

We were treated to a beautiful Fall morning for College Park parkrun #107. Perfect for a week that was dominated by trees. Along the trail the trees were in peak Fall color. The stretch of trail just beyond Hump’s Crossing was like a golden tunnel. And we also planted about 50 trees, working with our friends from Prince George’s County Parks & Recreation.


We are so grateful to everybody who helped with the event - a total of 29 volunteers this week!! - and to PG Parks for being such great partners. The aim of College Park parkrun is to help support a healthy community. And being a healthy community means more than just running back and forth along a (rather pretty) trail. It also means connecting people of all ages and backgrounds. And it means being invested in a healthy natural environment. Our stewardship of our stretch of the Paint Branch Trail is just a tiny step, but hopefully it helps us all to be more aware of how the local watersheds are affected by the changing seasons.


Every week in the run briefing we mention that “we share the trail”. This means that we have no special right to use the trail during parkrun, and we make every effort to ensure that we’re not interfering with other trail users’ enjoyment. If you pass somebody walking or running on the trail during a parkrun, do say hi. This week we had a couple of other good examples of sharing the trail.

Bud Verge has become a regular parkrunner since first joining us 6 months ago. Often he’s pushing for a new PB, and we love to see that. But we also love that recently Terrye Verge started joining us, mixing it up with the walking and run/walk folks. This week Bud figured it was a good day to kick back, enjoy the trail with Terrye, and cheer on some of the other parkrunners.  We encourage anybody to try this some time - just slow down a bit and take a jog or a walk. Join a friend, or meet somebody new. You’ll enjoy it, and the folks towards the back will appreciate it.


John and Emily Jensenius have been trading weeks of running with the stroller. And as often as not, the one without the stroller sets a PB. This week it was Emily’s turn to set the PB.


Meanwhile, Jessica and Rob Gerbig came up with a new approach that we hadn’t seen before, sharing the stroller duties in the *same* parkrun. Jessica showed up at the turnaroud with the stroller, but then appears to have passed the baton to Rob for the return.



We had no official milestones this week, but lots of folks are getting close, and more are reaching unofficial milestones. Cindy Cohen ran College Park parkrun for the 50th time. She has done 96 overall, so a black 100 shirt can’t be too far in her future. She’s not alone, as she was one of 5 at this week’s run who are closing in on 100. We had 4 new members of our 10 club: Külli Puusta, Rube Ahmed, Kriti Bhargava and Harshit Banthia. And Frank Snyder became the latest new member of our 5-parkrun club.


With such great weather, it was little surprise that we saw a bunch of PBs this week. 13 in all. Notably, John Ramsey set a new PB on his 68th parkrun. We remember a time when John was setting PBs almost every week, but when you’ve run this many times, they don’t come so often. We love that John credits this week’s PB to being pulled along by his friends Erin and Dom. In Megan Gieske’s case, it was husband Ben who helped her along to a PB.


There were plenty of other PBs, too. Kalonji Collins and Emily Jensenius just keep getting faster. As does Dave Heintzelmann. Carlos Chaverri must have benefited from his half marathon training, as he scored another PB this week. Tomas Marambio came *so* close to cracking 20 minutes for the first time. We’re sure that it will come soon. Maria Ialacci took a little more time from her PB, as did Jim Cantwell. Other PBs came from Matt Gembecki, Robert Grumbine, Abba Milkii,  and Jair Jackson.


We had So Many Volunteers this week. Thank you again to everybody who helped out. It’s a big list! Yancira AMAYA, Jenn AUGSBURGER, Harshit BANTHIA, Jay BAO, Kriti BHARGAVA, William BOBSEINE, Gus CAMPBELL, Kathy CEA, Rob GERBIG, Jessica GERBIG, Benjamin GIESKE, Meghan GIESKE, David HEINTZELMAN, Nick HUANG, Enrique JOGRAJ JR, Pete MONACELLI, Kiera PARSONS, James PARSONS, Colin PHILLIPS, Hump PLOTTS, Clark RIDGE, Duane ROSENBERG, Catherine SPIRITO, Anna TINNEMORE, Yogarshi VYAS, Pete WERGIN, Susan WHITNEY, Lisa WILSON, Andrea ZUKOWSKI. This included Clark Ridge and Nick Huang, who together helped coordinate the run and planting volunteers, and acted quickly when both barcode scanners went on strike at the same time (the devices, that is, not the helpful volunteers!). And the biggest help of all for the tree planting was from Antonia Bookbinder, Anthony Nolan and their crew from Prince George’s Parks. We were a little worried when we heard that they were bringing along 60 trees, but you guys made light work of it. The presence of a power augur for making holes surely made a big difference.


This week a number of our core team members were off parkrunning elsewhere. Last week’s run directors Steve and Cindy Feld were found at Clermont Waterfront parkrun in Florida, where they likely found better weather than in last week’s drenching parkrun. Co-event director Andrea Zukowski was at the launch of Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, an event that she has been helping to get off the ground. Their boardwalk across a lake is so nice that the course crosses it 3 times. While there Andrea ran into CP regular Sharlene Deskins, who was visiting family in the area. Meanwhile, co-event director Colin Phillips was working in Berlin, and got to check out the pretty Hasenheide parkrun, where he ran into CP parkrun pioneer Lara Ehrenhofer, who is now living very nearby.



As people’s lives move them to new places we see turnover in our team of run directors, so we’d love to bring some new people into the crew. Please get in touch if you’re curious about what this involves. Ideally, each RD would lead an event just once or twice per quarter. Also, we’d love to find a couple of people who could help with our online communications (Facebook, Instagram, run reports, etc.). These are all fun roles, as you get to be surrounded (in person or online) by so many people feeling happy.

Also, if you have friends or relatives who would be interested in bringing the same fun that we enjoy every Saturday in College Park to their own community, then drop us a line and we can help. We’re already working with a number of teams that are developing new parkrun events in different states.

A couple of upcoming attractions:

THANKSGIVING PARKRUNNING. This year we’ll have events on BOTH Thanksgiving Day, Thursday Nov 22nd, and in our regular Saturday morning slot. Join us to run, walk, or volunteer for any of those. Bring family! Or take the opportunity to head over to Kensington parkrun, which will also be holding a special Thanksgiving event.

NEW YEARS PARKRUNNING. On January 1st we’ll again hold a special festival of parkrunning. Kensington parkrun and Leakin Park parkrun (Baltimore) will both hold 8:30am events, and College Park will start at 10:30. Do one or do a double, and then be sure to join us for a big brunch afterwards at The Board and Brew.

Until next week!

Your College Park parkrun team


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